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(Transcribed from the subtitled Victory episodes)

Intro - "Transformers V (Victory)"

Kono chikyuu chikyuu nerau no wa dare da
Who is after the Earth, Earth

Yurushi wa shinai yurushi wa shinai Destron
The unforgivable, unforgivable Destrons

Tachiagare ima ga sono toki
Rise up, now is the time

Oh! Oh! Oh! Seigi no yuusha Star Saber
Oh! Oh! Oh! The brave hero, Star Saber

Transform gattai power up
Transform, merge, power up

Chikara no chikara no Brainmaster
The Brainmaster power, power

V! V! Victory
V! V! Victory

Transformer Victory
Transformers Victory

V! V! Victory Transformer
V! V! Victory Transformers


Outro - "Cybertron Banzai"

Chinchinchin Chichinpui

Chinchinchin Chichinpui

Papapa payapapa


Star Saber mo kuishinbou desu ka
Was Star Saber a glutton, too?

Tsumamigui shita koto arimasu ka
Did he ever sneak food?

Onesho shite shikaremashita ka
Did he wet the bed and get scolded?

Boku-tachi mitai na ko deshita ka
Was he a kid just like us?

Cybertron banzai!

Banzai banzai Transformer

Warui no warui no tondeke tondeke
Baddies, baddies, buzz off, buzz off

Warui yatsura wa
The bad guys all go

Chinchinchin Chinchin Chichin Pui!

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