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Car Robots
Episode List

Transformers: Car Robots is the Japanese Transformers show that was eventually brought over to North America and translated to become Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Except for the one or two of the clip shows which were redone completely in North America, plus the different intros and outros, the cartoon is pretty much identical to the North American version. The Americans did remove a few scenes however, and changed the order of some of the frame sequences to match the mouth movements with the American voices. The American translators also changed some elements of the story, and included many references to the original series that were not present in the Japanese version.

Car Robots
#   Translated episode name First broadcast
1 First Movement! Fire Convoy 2000-Apr-05
2 High Speed Battle! Gelshark 2000-Apr-12
3 Merge! Shinkansen Robo 2000-Apr-19
4 Ninja Robots - Spychangers are Here! 2000-Apr-26
5 Do-or-Die Jump! Mach Alert 2000-May-03
6 Gigatron's Revenge! 2000-May-10
7 Speedbreaker's Danger 2000-May-17
8 Mysterious Weapon: D5 2000-May-24
9 Counter Arrow's Betrayal!? 2000-May-31
10 Out of Control - Indy Heat! 2000-Jun-07
11 Parking Violation - Wrecker Hook! 2000-Jun-14
12 The Ultimate Extreme - Buddha Transformer! 2000-Jun-21
13 Gigatron Reveals His Ambition (recap episode) 2000-Jun-28
14 Friend or Foe!? Black Convoy! 2000-Jul-05
15 Quintuple Merge! Valdigus 2000-Jul-12
16 En Garde! Two Convoys! 2000-Jul-19
17 Aiming from Space! Shuttler!! 2000-Jul-26
18 Wake The Hero Within, Black Convoy! 2000-Aug-02
19 Secret Strategy! Gelshark! 2000-Aug-09
20 Raging Warriors: The Buildmasters! 2000-Aug-16
21 Quadruple Merge - Build King! 2000-Aug-23
22 Gelshark - Friend of Justice? 2000-Aug-30
23 Target: Buildmasters 2000-Sep-06
24 Enter: God Magnus 2000-Sep-13
25 Mighty Combination: God Fire Convoy 2000-Sep-20
26 Focus: New Warriors (recap episode) 2000-Sep-27
27 Body and Mind - Three Car Robot Brothers 2000-Oct-04
28 Double Matrix, Open! 2000-Oct-11
29 Arise, Cybertron City! 2000-Oct-18
30 JRX vs. Valdigus 2000-Oct-25
31 Gelshark's Trap 2000-Nov-01
32 The Final Key? Sayonara, Ai 2000-Nov-08
33 Stolen Plasma 2000-Nov-15
34 The Mystery of Brave Maximus 2000-Nov-22
35 Gelshark's Blues (recap episode) 2000-Nov-29
36 Black Convoy's Ambition 2000-Dec-06
37 Arise, Brave Maximus! 2000-Dec-13
38 Devil Gigatron's Counter Strike 2000-Dec-20
39 Fire Convoy's Final Battle 2000-Dec-27

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