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Super Link
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Transformers: Super Link is the Japanese name for Transformers: Energon. The cartoon is produced in Japan and the episodes are broadcasted a few weeks before the first broadcast in North America. In theory the Japanese and the American series are supposed to be identical apart from the different intros/outros and the voices. In practice, however, there are many other differences as many animation mistakes that have been corrected for the Japanese version are still present in the American series, plus that the American translators sometimes change elements of the story.
The series comprises 52 episodes (including one special anniversary show).

Super Link
#   Translated episode name First broadcast
1 Arise! Ocean City 2004-Jan-09
2 Shine! Energon Star 2004-Jan-16
3 Mega Zarak's Trap 2004-Jan-23
4 Proof of Megatron 2004-Jan-30
5 A New Cybertron City 2004-Feb-06
6 Resurrection! Galvatron 2004-Feb-13
7 Destron Invasion! 2004-Feb-20
8 The Mysterious Assassin, Nightscream 2004-Feb-27
9 Asteroid Belt's Battle to the Death 2004-Mar-05
10 Appear! Energon Tower 2004-Mar-12
11 This Tiny Universe 2004-Mar-19
12 Crisis in Jungle City 2004-Mar-26
13 Target: Kicker 2004-Apr-02
14 Energon Grid, Engaged! 2004-Apr-09
15 Enemy? Ally? Rodimus Convoy 2004-Apr-16
16 Target! Unicron 2004-Apr-23
17 A Rain of Dinobots! 2004-Apr-30
18 Confrontation! The Two Convoys 2004-May-07
19 Terror! Unicron Activates 2004-May-14
20 Alpha Q's True Identity 2004-May-21
21 Giant Riot! Laserwave 2004-May-28
22 Out of Control! The Starving Unicron 2004-Jun-04
23 Each One's Battle 2004-Jun-11
24 Do it! What You Can Do Right Now 2004-Jun-18
25 Mighty Gale! Wing Saber 2004-Jun-25
26 The Torn Space 2004-Jul-02
27 Team Convoy's Whereabouts 2004-Jul-09
28 The Planets That Must Be Protected 2004-Jul-16
29 The Captured Inferno 2004-Jul-23
30 Hell Fire! Jungle Planet 2004-Jul-30
31 Crucial Moment! Sprung Steps Forward 2004-Aug-06
32 Farewell Inferno 2004-Aug-13
33 Return! Our Mega Zarak 2004-Aug-20
34 Special Training! Roadbuster 2004-Aug-27
35 Ancient Sage - Omega Supreme 2004-Sep-03
36 Heroic! Alpha Q's Battle 2004-Sep-10
37 Laserwave's End 2004-Sep-17
38 Battle to the Death! Omega Convoy 2004-Sep-24
39 Destruction of Unicron 2004-Oct-01
40 Galvatron's Revived Ambition 2004-Oct-08
41 Superion's Hope 2004-Oct-15
42 It's Sinking! Miranda II 2004-Oct-22
43 Keep Going! Omnicons 2004-Oct-29
- A Must See! The Greatest Dream Match (special show) 2004-Nov-03
44 Explosive Dash Train! Omega Supreme 2004-Nov-05
45 The Scattered Destron Army 2004-Nov-12
46 Awesome! Team Roadbuster 2004-Nov-19
47 Omega Convoy Once Again 2004-Nov-26
48 Terrifying! Giant Galvatron 2004-Dec-03
49 Kuuzenzetsugo! Super Emperor of Destruction 2004-Dec-10
50 Power of the Combination Spark! 2004-Dec-17
51 Energon, it is the Sun 2004-Dec-24

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