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Machine Wars

"Machine Wars? What's that?"

Not much, actually. In 1996-97 Kenner (the sub-division of Hasbro who was then handling the Transformers property) decided to test if the toy market was ready for vehicular Transformers again, so they produced a very limited toyline, consisting of only 12 toys and available only in KayBee toy stores.

The line consisted of six Autobots and six Decepticons, with two large and four small vehicles on both sides. The four larger toys were taken from the Turbomaster and Predator subgroups released in Europe in 1992, and the eight smaller were reportedly based on unreleased Generation 2 toys (four moulds, with two toys of each mould)

The test was a big failure, and the Machine Wars toyline was never expanded or sold outside the KayBee toy stores.

More(!) information on the toyline's background will come later.

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