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Transformers Generation 2

Enter the world of Transformers, where the new generation of Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons battle head to head in a world where things are not what they seem!

In 1992, after almost two years without any new Transformers in North America, Hasbro restarted the series as Transformers Generation 2 (commonly abbreviated "G2").

The toyline was a mix of repainted figures from 1984-87 and completely new figures with improved poseability, and would eventually fail rather miserably. Even though many of the new figures were nice, many fans were upset with the poor colour schemes on the rereleased figures, as well as the new accessories many of them were equipped with. Many of the new figures were also repainted over and over again, and one thing all G2 toys had in common was that the Tech Specs - the short character profiles on the back of the packaging - were terrible.

It didn't help that the Transformers Generation 2 cartoon was just an edited version of assorted episodes from the original cartoon. The cartoon got new computer-animated intro and outro sequences, but the editors also tampered with the episodes themselves, adding annoying effects to make it appear the episodes were presented by a "Cybernet Space Cube", which showed the action on its screens, using mechanical clamps and arms to shuffle the frames around every time there was a change in scenes. Even disregarding these off-putting changes the G2 cartoon did a poor job of promoting the toys, seeing as half of the characters that were features weren't among the rereleases, and those figures that were rereleased had new paint jobs...

On the positive side there was a proper Generation 2 comic book, but unfortunately it was cancelled after only 12 issues.

Generation 2 in the Nordic Countries:
The Nordic countries got some 80 % of the Generation 2 figures, and TransFans in Denmark, Norway and Sweden could watch the cartoon on TV3 in 1994-95 (click here for Scandinavian credits).
The Generation 2 comic book was not published in the Nordic Countries, although the prologue from G.I.Joe #138-142 was published in Finnish "Action Force" comic book, issues 2/94-6/94. Semic, the Finnish publisher, had plans to start publishing Transformers again, most probably Generation 2, but for some reason it never came out.

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