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NTFA members' homepages

  • Transform and Roll out - DRarkeville's Swedish Transformers blog, with reviews and thoughts about both recent and older Transformers toys. Linked from the blog, DRarkeville also has a YouTube channel where he posts video reviews of the toys.
  • - Peter "Taggenagger" Tägtström's website, with information on the fan dubbing projects and lots of downloadable videofiles.
  • Beast Wars and other animal Transformers toy pictures, page 1 and page 2 - Osku's extensive picture gallery of animal Transformers toys, from 1996 and onwards. Also available in Finnish: page 1 and page 2.
  • Decepticons Homepage - Jørgen Lid Widing's homepage. Has some sound clips and pictures from the cartoon.
  • The Cybertron Chronicle - Rikard Bakke's web site contains a huge sound archive, a cartoon episode guide, a guide to the Norwegian TF comic book and much more.
  • Gripen/Metroplex's Homepage - Niels Bjørk Pedersen's homepage, with various Transformers pictures.

Other Nordic websites
(The websites in this section are usually not written in English. The flags next to the link indicates which language is used).


  • Hasbro Nordic - the distributor of the Transformers toys in the Nordic Countries

Second-hand comics

Recommended non-Nordic Transformers websites

Official sites

Essential information and news:

Reference lists and other useful websites:

Episode downloads:

  • IaconHub - Share and download hundreds of episodes (not just Transformers) from about a hundred other cartoon fans! Start by installing the DirectConnect Setup program listed under Files, then you're ready to connect to the Hub.
  • TV-Nihon - Subtitles and provides various Japanese Transformers series, like Galaxy Force, Headmasters and Masterforce.

Online dealers:

Toy stores, European:

  • Kapow Toys UK-based store that carries a huge assortment of Transformers toys from various lines. Since it is based in the UK there's no VAT added if you live in the European Union.
  • Archonia An online toy store dealing with recent Japanese Transformers releases and American Transformers DVDs. Low shipping, and since they are operating from Belgium there's no VAT added if you live in the European Union.

Toy stores, American:

Toy stores, Japanese:

Other stores:

  • Amazon UK - Videos, DVDs, and books.
  • Sendit (formerly BlackStar) - Has European Transformers videos and DVDs.
  • - Has European DVDs. (EU citizens should note that resides on Jersey, which is included in EU's customs territory, but not the tax union. As a result there is a risk that you have to pay taxes on purchases from Items priced £18 or higher are apparently sent out from main U.K. and are thus supposedly exempt from additional VAT charges, but lower priced items are still subject to VAT, unless they're so inexpensive that they fall below your country's limit for duty-free items.)

Transformers convention websites:

  • Auto Assembly Europe - Home of NTFA's Scandinavian Transformers convention.
  • Auto Assembly - Home of the original Auto Assembly, Europe's largest convention. Auto Assembly Europe's parent organization.
  • Transforce - Home of one of two Transformers conventions in the UK. (Appears to be inactive)
  • BotCon - The home of the official Transformers convention. Information on current and past conventions.
  • The Official Transformers Collectors' Club - Home of the official, international fan club.

Fanfic pages:

Fan clubs and other international Transformers websites:

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