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The quest for Energon - a rare and potent substance that the Autobot and Decepticon warriors have battled over for eons - continues on Earth! The Decepticon forces have struck a deal with Unicron: in exchange for new powers and forms, they will supply enough Energon to fully reactivate him. Now legions of hyper-powered Decepticons speed toward Earth, intent on controlling its Energon resources at any cost! Only an elite team of Autobots, empowered with the Spark of Combination, can save the planet from total destruction.

Energon is the sequel to Transformers Armada, and started in early 2004.

Energon in the Nordic Countries
The Transformers Energon figures appeared in Nordic toy stores in the summer of 2004. The cartoon will be shown on Cartoon Network starting in November 2004 (Sweden, Denmark and Norway), and on MTV3 starting in October (Finland).

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