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Megatron and his evil Predacons arrive on Earth with one goal: Destruction! This causes a secret force of goodness to emerge: the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime. They have hidden their existence by taking the forms of vehicles but now they reveal their true nature to fight Megatron and protect Earth. They are... TRANSFORMERS - Robots in Disguise!

After five years with mostly animals in Beast Wars and Beast Machines, realistic vehicle Transformers returned in Hasbro's 2001 Transformers series - Robots in Disguise!

In this series, it's the Autobots, under the command of Optimus Prime, who once again has to defend humanity against evil - but unlike the original Transformers series it's not the Decepticons who invade the Earth this time, but their successors from Beast Wars - the Predacons.

The Robots in Disguise series, which was unveiled at Toy Fair 2001, is based on the Japanese Transformers series Car Robots (2000), and both the toys and the cartoon were brought over to America in the autumn of 2001.

Robots in Disguise in the Nordic Countries
Robots in Disguise was never launched in the Nordic countries. The only Robots in RID figures that have been sold in Nordic toystores are eight of the Spychangers - the six Spychangers from the cartoon, plus another two - in the toyline "Tiny Tins".

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