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Predacon roll call
The war on Earth is started when the Predacons arrive from the far reaches of space. First introduced in Beast Wars, the Predacons are an advanced race which is using bio-genetic engineering to combine ferocious animals and mechanical technology in one deadly fusion.


The Predacons are led by the brilliant and evil Megatron, named after the legendary Decepticon leader. Megatron will destroy anything and anyone in order to get what he wants. And what he wants on Earth is the energy contained in the planet. He has no interest in sharing - he'll conquer the planet and take it all for himself.

Megatron has survived numerous battles and is an excellent fighter. His many victories have helped him gain the power of a six-mode transformation.

Megatron in robot mode

Two-headed dragon

"Victory at hand"

Closeup of Megatron

Megatron's many modes: Hand, airplane, dragster, bat, and two-headed dragon.


In some ways, Sky-Byte is one of the central characters on the show. All he wants is for Megatron to see him as the loyal and dependable warrior that he really is, and he goes to great lengths to prove his resourcefulness to him. But unfortunately for Sky-Byte, things seldom turn out as he has planned them - if it isn't the Autobots who thwart his plans, it is the three fools he has under him. And then there's the new threat, that ingratiating newcomer who tries to assume his place as Megatron's second-in-command...

In spite of the disgraces he has to endure in the cartoon, Sky-Byte is one of the most feared and respected Predacon warriors. He's a merciless warrior in battle - his powerful jaws can tear through an armored tank, and the anchor arm on his left side can crush even the thickest, strongest wall like a microchip in the jaws of a shark.

His fierce outer appearance aside, there is also a softer side to Sky-Byte - he's an intellectual with great love of poetry.

Sky-Byte in robot mode Closeup of Sky-Byte After seeing the movie "Jaws" people were afraid to take a swim.
After seeing Robots in Disguise, you will be afraid to take a drive.


Slapper is one of the Predacon foot soldiers under Sky-Byte's command.

In beast mode, Slapper can leap one quarter of a mile in a single bound. He can use his long tongue like a whip, dextrously wrapping it around his enemies' weapons to snatch them away. In robot mode, the tongue detaches to be wielded as a weapon. He also has a camouflaged extendable grabber claw which can tear through the hull of a battleship.

Slapper has a tendency to speak his mind without thinking, often earning his superiors' disapproval.

Slapper in robot mode


Slapper attacking

Beast mode

Gas Skunk

Gas Skunk is one of the three foot soldiers under Sky-Byte's command. He is snobbish and conceited, traits that are possibly a response to others' treatment of him - being a skunk, most individuals tend to keep a distance from him.

Gas Skunk is an expert in demolitions operations. He can fire time bombs from his right shoulder and emit a gas from his mouth that, if inhaled, causes uncontrollable laughter. He relies on his serrated tail for close range combat.

Gas Skunk in robot mode


Gas Skunk, Slapper and Dark Scream

Dark Scream

Dark Scream is one of the Predacon soldiers under Sky-Byte's command. Rather flamboyant, he loves to show off his fencing skills. He has an all-absorbant fascination with samurai and swashbuckler dramas.

Dark Scream is an expert swordsman, and can slice anything in two with one stroke of the serrated Energon sword hidden in his tail. Nocturnal by nature, he has no trouble with all-night missions. Can virtually escape detection - he emits an electromagnetic cloaking field, is soundless in flight, and disappears in subdued light and shadows.

Dark Scream in robot mode

Beast mode Dark Scream

Dark Scream and Sky-Byte

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