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Regular Decepticon 

          symbol, used on the toysThe 

          "Anti-Autobot" symbol, used in the cartoon and on the original Japanese toys. Decepticon roll call
After a few months' combat, Megatron is forced to admit that the Predacons aren't getting anywhere in the battle against the Autobots, much because of their advantage of numbers, but perhaps also due to the Autobot vehicles being stronger and more durable than the Predacon animal forms.

There is a solution to that problem though - the Predacons have six protoforms (unimprinted Transformer bodies) stashed away, and Megatron brings them to a military base to activate them and give them the forms of Earth vehicles, to boost the Predacon ranks with a new subgroup he calls the Decepticons.


Imagine if Optimus Prime had been evil... imagine that the Decepticons had had a leader with Optimus Prime's wisdom, his charisma, and his determination...
Now they have all that, thanks to a foul-up during the imprinting of the new Decepticon warriors - the Predacons accidentally scan Optimus Prime at the same time as they scan a tanker truck. The strange and unexpected result is Scourge, a Decepticon with a twisted version of Optimus Prime's personality.
Scourge is the most dangerous Decepticon yet, and is not only after Optimus Prime's head, but Megatron's as well!

Scourge's tanker portion can split apart, unfolding to become a battle base bristling with weaponry - a giant laser-targetting rocket launcher, a ripple-fire missile blaster, and armour-piercing discs. Scourge can use the missile blaster in robot mode, but prefers to swing his powerful light saber in battle.

Close-up of Scourge

Scourge swinging his
laser sword

Scourge at the entrance of
Fortress Maximus

Scourge's battle station mode

The Combiners


Mega-Octane and ScourgeMega-Octane is the cool, calculating leader of the Combiners. He is cruel and unfair, and uses his four subordinates as if they were his own limbs - he expects them to carry out his orders without question, and he has no tolerance with delays or mistakes.

In missile trailer mode, Mega-Octane can launch missiles with a range of 6500 miles. Each missile carries enough explosives to turn everything within a 1 kilometer radius into a scorched wasteland. In robot mode, he carries a laser rifle. He can also transform into a combat station and perform maintenance on his teammates.

Mega-Octane combines with his fellow Combiners to form the giant robot Ruination.


Armorhide specializes in desert warfare, and his body camouflage can fool even Optimus Prime's eyes. His favourite tactic is to dig camouflaged pitfalls in the desert sand, wait beneath the surface until an Autobot falls into his trap, before he rushes up and finishes off the trapped enemy with his weapons.

In tank mode, Armorhide can reach speeds of 45 mph and has a range of 600 miles. His turret-mounted gun shoots a shell up to a distance of 3.5 miles with an explosive force of 200 pounds of TNT. He can traverse any type of terrain, thanks to his cybertitanium-alloy caterpillar treads. Armorhide combines with his fellow Combiners to form the giant robot Ruination.


Movor transforms into a combat space shuttle, and is capable of achieving planetary orbit under his own power. He carries detection equipment so he can search for Autobots from orbit, and is equipped with a powerful, long-range x-ray laser that allows him to attack them from that distance.

Movor has excellent heat-resistance. He combines with his fellow Combiners to form the giant robot Ruination.


Rollbar specializes in hand-to-hand combat. He is a skilled practiser of all types of ju-jutsu, and is an expert in Crystalocution - the Cybertronic martial art of defeating an opponent by attacking his metal fracture points. He's also very interested in Earthen martial arts.

Rollbar prefers arctic environments, and likes fighting on rainy days. He combines with his fellow Combiners to form the giant robot Ruination.


Ro-Tor is responsible for reconnaissance. He isn't particularly fast in helicopter mode, but he has a tight turning radius and fantastic manoeuvrability. In addition he's almost soundless in flight, which allows him to sneak up on hapless Autobots and attack them from above. Ro-Tor likes to practice acrobatic flying in his free time.

Ro-Tor combines with his fellow Combiners to form the giant robot Ruination.


Ruination is the 16 meter tall giant robot formed of the five Combiners. He has no interest in anything but fighting, and is so atrociously cruel that even Megatron fears him.

Ruination can switch around his limbs at will, adapting instantly to various battle conditions. His rifles are so powerful that they can level an entire city.

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