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Cybertron, home planet of both Transformers factions, is in danger. In order to save it from certain destruction, Optimus Prime will lead the Autobots on an intergalactic scavenge hunt to lost planets to find four ancient Cyber Planet Keys. But Megatron and the nefarious Decepticons will be hot on their heels, trying to steal the keys and harness their power for evil. These four Cyber Planet Keys are the Autobots' only hope, as they have the power to shut down the black hole that threatens the entire universe!

Cybertron is the sequel to Transformers Energon, and started in July 2005.

Cybertron in the Nordic Countries
The Transformers Cybertron figures will appear in Nordic toy stores in the autumn of 2005. The cartoon will be shown on Cartoon Network, possibly starting in autumn 2005 (Sweden, Denmark and Norway). We currently don't have any news on whether MTV3 will be broadcasting the series in Finland or not, but considering they've shown Armada and Energon it seems likely.

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