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Transformers Cybertron
Episode List

Transformers Cybertron is the American translation of the Japanese Transformers Galaxy Force series.
The series comprises 52 episodes, of which episodes 2-51 directly correspond to Galaxy Force's episodes 3-52. The two first episodes of Galaxy Force were combined into a single episode for the American version, episode 1: Fallen, with the cut material eventually combined into a final 52nd episode, Inferno.

#   Episode name First broadcast
1 Fallen 2005-Sep-19
2 Haven 2005-Jul-08 (in Canada)
3 Hidden 2005-Jul-02
4 Landmine 2005-Jul-09
5 Space 2005-Jul-16
6 Rush 2005-Jul-23
7 Speed 2005-Jul-30
8 Collapse 2005-Aug-06
9 Time 2005-Aug-13
10 Search 2005-Aug-20
11 Deep 2005-Aug-27
12 Ship 2005-Sep-03
13 Hero 2005-Sep-10
14 Race 2005-Sep-17
15 Detour 2005-Oct-07
16 Savage 2005-Oct-10
17 Sand 2005-Oct-11
18 Champions 2005-Oct-12
19 Ice 2005-Oct-13
20 Honor 2005-Oct-14
21 Primal 2005-Oct-17
22 Trust 2005-Oct-18
23 Trap 2005-Oct-19
24 Invasion 2005-Oct-20
25 Retreat 2005-Oct-21
26 Revelations 2005-Oct-24
27 Critical 2005-Dec-13 (in New Zealand)
28 Assault 2005-Dec-15 (in New Zealand)
29 Starscream 2005-Dec-20 (in New Zealand)
30 United 2005-Dec-22 (in New Zealand)
31 Cybertron 2005-Dec-29 (in New Zealand)
32 Balance 2006-Jan-05 (in New Zealand)
33 Darkness 2006-Jan-10 (in New Zealand)
34 Memory 2006-Jan-12 (in New Zealand)
35 Escape 2006-Jan-17 (in New Zealand)
36 Family 2006-Jan-19 (in New Zealand)
37 Titans 2006-Jan-24 (in New Zealand)
38 Warp 2006-Jan-26 (in New Zealand)
39 Giant 2006-Jan-31 (in New Zealand)
40 Fury 2006-Feb-02 (in New Zealand)
41 City 2006-Feb-07 (in New Zealand)
42 Ambush 2006-Feb-09 (in New Zealand)
43 Challenge 2006-Feb-14 (in New Zealand)
44 Scourge 2006-Feb-16 (in New Zealand)
45 Optimus 2006-Feb-28 (in New Zealand)
46 Showdown 2006-Mar-02 (in New Zealand)
47 Guardian 2006-Mar-07? (in New Zealand)
48 Homecoming 2006-Mar-09? (in New Zealand)
49 End 2006-Jun-24 (in Canada)
50 Unfinished 2006-Jul-08 (in Canada)
51 Beginning 2006-Jul-15 (in Canada)
52 Inferno* 2006-Jul-22 (in Canada)

*) Episode 52 consists of the material that was cut when episodes 1 and 2 from the Japanese Galaxy Force were merged to become episode 1 of Cybertron. The series actually ends with episode 51.

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