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Galaxy Force
Episode List

Transformers: Galaxy Force is the Japanese name for Transformers: Cybertron. The cartoon is produced in Japan, and will eventually span 52 episodes.

Galaxy Force
#   Translated episode name First broadcast
1 Sacred Birthplace, Planet Seibertron Destroyed!? 2005-Jan-08
2 Encounter with the Transformers 2005-Jan-15
3 Protect the Secret Base! 2005-Jan-22
4 Lessons for Living on Earth 2005-Jan-29
5 Find the Chip Square! 2005-Feb-05
6 Wondrous Planet Speedia 2005-Feb-12
7 The Fastest Hero, Nitro Convoy 2005-Feb-19
8 Fierce Fighting! Starscream 2005-Feb-26
9 Save the Human City! 2005-Mar-05
10 Vector Prime's Decision 2005-Mar-12
11 Demon Beast Planet Animatros 2005-Mar-19
12 Mystical Dragon King Flame Convoy 2005-Mar-26
13 Atlantis's Offense and Defense 2005-Apr-02
14 The Great Race Starts! 2005-Apr-09
15 Bud and Hop's Trip to the City 2005-Apr-16
16 Wild Beast Reincarnation! Ligerjack 2005-Apr-23
17 Link Up! Liger Convoy 2005-Apr-30
18 Scorching Dead Heat 2005-May-07
19 The Glorious Planet Cup 2005-May-14
20 Deadly Battle at the Edge of Aurora 2005-May-21
21 Fight! Ligerjack 2005-May-28
22 Lori Goes to the Planet of Demon Beasts 2005-Jun-04
23 Climactic Battle! Animatros 2005-Jun-11
24 Revival of the Monsters 2005-Jun-18
25 Guardian of the Earth, Live Convoy 2005-Jun-25
26 The Third Planet Force 2005-Jul-02
27 Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy 2005-Jul-09
28 Reincarnation! Vanguard Team 2005-Jul-16
29 The Amazing Guy from Outer Space 2005-Jul-23
30 King of Treachery, Evil Completely Unleashed 2005-Jul-30
31 High Speed Fusion! Sonic Convoy 2005-Aug-06
32 Transcendental Transformation! The Released Power 2005-Aug-13
33 The Revived Giant God 2005-Aug-20
34 Counterattack from the Darkness 2005-Aug-27
35 Atlantis' Labyrinth 2005-Sep-03
36 Go! The Big Escape Plan 2005-Sep-10
37 And So, It Is Time To Go On A Journey 2005-Sep-17
38 Clash! The Crushed Ambition 2005-Sep-24
39 Breaking Through the Super Space-Time Tunnel 2005-Oct-01
40 Megalo Convoy of Gigalonia 2005-Oct-08
41 Enter Master Galvatron 2005-Oct-15
42 To the Underworld, GO!! 2005-Oct-22
43 Showdown! Lori vs Chromia 2005-Oct-29
44 The Secret of Planet X 2005-Nov-05
45 The Large Planet's Little City 2005-Nov-12
46 The Final Planet Force 2005-Nov-19
47 The Extremities of a Great Ambition 2005-Nov-26
48 Forever the Watcher Over Space-Time 2005-Dec-03
49 Big Cybertron Gathering 2005-Dec-10
50 The Final Moments, Light of Hope 2005-Dec-17
51 Galaxy Convoy vs Master Galvatron - The Final Battle! 2005-Dec-24
52 A New Journey 2005-Dec-31

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