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Beast Wars Neo
Episode list

Beast Wars Neo
#   Translated episode name First broadcast
1 Move Out, Big Convoy! 1999-Feb-03
2 Get the Mysterious Capsule! 1999-Feb-10
3 Burning Spirit Below Freezing 1999-Feb-17
4 Hang in There, Stampy! 1999-Feb-24
5 Mirage in the Sand 1999-Mar-03
6 Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron 1999-Mar-10
7 Duel in the Midst of the Labyrinth 1999-Mar-17
8 Danger of the Black Hole 1999-Mar-24
9 Sub-Commander Longrack 1999-Mar-31
10 Whoa! He Got Eaten! 1999-Apr-07
11 Planet of Time 1999-Apr-14
12 Hydra Alone 1999-Apr-21
13 Break is a Destron? 1999-Apr-28
14 Ship's Log (clip show) 1999-May-05
15 Mach Kick Enlists!? 1999-May-12
16 Planet of the Ultimate Weapon 1999-May-19
17 Troubled DNAVI 1999-May-26
18 Randy, Attack! 1999-Jun-02
19 Physicist Bump 1999-Jun-09
20 Hardhead is Hardheaded 1999-Jun-16
21 Deep-Sea Personal Combat 1999-Jun-23
22 The Stolen Gung-Ho 1999-Jun-30
23 Hot-Blooded Instructor Survive 1999-Jul-07
24 Assemble, New Warriors! (clip show) 1999-Jul-14
25 The Mysterious Beast Warrior!? 1999-Jul-21
26 The Stolen Capsule 1999-Jul-28
27 Pursue the Blendtrons! 1999-Aug-04
28 Angered Magmatron 1999-Aug-11
29 Illusion? Lio Convoy 1999-Aug-18
30 Unicron Revived!? 1999-Aug-25
31 Unicron's Ambition 1999-Sep-01
32 Fight, Cybertrons! 1999-Sep-08
33 The End of the Cybertrons!? 1999-Sep-15
34 The Last Battle 1999-Sep-22
35 Graduation!! 1999-Sep-29

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