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(Transcribed from the subtitled Headmasters episodes)

Intro - "The Headmasters"

Head on! Head on! Head on!
Head on! Head on! Head on!

Omae to Tsukurou Tatakai no nai Mirai
Together, we will make a future without war

Aisuru Mono ni Nokosou Utsukushii Uchuu
We'll leave this beautiful universe for the ones we love

Kaware! Headmaster
Transform! Headmaster

Tatakae! Headmaster
Fight! Headmaster

Kono Itami Ima no Kurushimi
This pain, this current suffering

Sore ga Dareka o Shiawase ni suru no sa
Will be a blessing to someone

Transformer Transformer
Transformer Transformer


Outro - "You are a Transformer"

Youi wa ii ka? 3! 2! 1! 0!
Are you ready? 3! 2! 1! 0!

Kimi wa Kawaru Kokoro no mama ni
You can transform any way you want

Dash da kasoku da super car
Dash! Accelerate! Like a super car!

Jihibiki Tatete Sensha
Make the earth tremble, like a tank!

Kassou take off Jettoki da
Taxi out and take off, like a jet plane!

Senkai hovering helicopter
Circle around, hovering, like a helicopter!

Transform! Transform!
Transform! Transform!

Kimi wa Transformer!
You are a Transformer!

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