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Beast Wars II
Episode list

Beast Wars II
#   Translated episode name First broadcast
1 The Birth of a New Army 1998-Apr-01
2 Run, White Lion! 1998-Apr-08
3 Bighorn's Fury 1998-Apr-15
4 Lake Trap 1998-Apr-22
5 The Revival of Galvatron 1998-Apr-29
6 Mystery Of The Ancient Ruins 1998-May-06
7 The Insect Army Arrives 1998-May-13
8 Insect Robot: Friend or Foe? 1998-May-20
9 The Strongest Tag Team 1998-May-27
10 Autorollers, Roll Out! 1998-Jun-03
11 Danger, Scissorboy! 1998-Jun-10
12 Galvatron's Rage 1998-Jun-17
13 Predacon General Offensive! (clip show) 1998-Jun-24
14 Combined Giant Tripledacus 1998-Jul-01
15 The Cheerful Jointrons 1998-Jul-08
16 A Terrible Combination Plan? 1998-Jul-15
17 Who is the Leader!? 1998-Jul-22
18 Black Lio Convoy 1998-Jul-29
19 Space Pirate Seacons! 1998-Aug-05
20 Who is the Strongest Warrior!? (clip show) 1998-Aug-12
21 Scuba is Saved 1998-Aug-19
22 Megastorm's Reckoning 1998-Aug-26
23 Showdown in the Sea 1998-Sep-02
24 To Face the Setting Sun 1998-Sep-09
25 The Last Battle 1998-Sep-16
26 Enter Lio Junior! 1998-Sep-23
27 Megastorm Reborn 1998-Sep-30
28 New Weapon: The Octo-Tank 1998-Oct-07
29 Artificial Planet Nemesis (clip show) 1998-Oct-14
30 Gigastorm's Treachery 1998-Oct-21
31 The End of Starscream 1998-Oct-28
32 Lio Convoy Assassination Plan 1998-Nov-04
33 The Great Angolmois Freezing Operation 1998-Nov-11
34 Knock Out Nemesis! 1998-Nov-18
35 Lio Junior's Revolt!? 1998-Nov-25
36 Emissary of the Fourth Planet 1998-Dec-02
37 Crisis of Planet Gaea 1998-Dec-09
38 Fly Out! Planet Gaea 1998-Dec-16
39 Assemble, 39 Warriors (clip show) 1998-Dec-23
40 Vengeance of the Space Pirates 1999-Jan-06
41 Breaking into Nemesis 1999-Jan-13
42 Legend! The Green Warrior 1999-Jan-20
43 Farewell! Lio Convoy 1999-Jan-27
# Name Opened
  Lio Convoy Crisis 1998-Dec-19

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