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Super God Masterforce

(Transcribed from the subtitled Masterforce episodes)

Intro - "Theme of Super God Masterforce"

Mou dare ni mo tomerarenai
No one can stop us now

Inochi kaketa transform
We transform and risk our lives

Kizu tsuite mo yaru shika nai
Even if we get hurt, it has to be done

Aoi chikyuu mamoru no wa dare da
Who else will protect the blue Earth?

Shounen wa ima senshi ni kawaru
Boys will change into warriors

Go and fight tachi agaru n da
Go and fight, stand up

Masterforce! Takakau tabi ni
Masterforce! Everytime we fight,

Masterforce! Tsuyoku naru no sa
Masterforce! We grow stronger

Masterforce! Ima koso susume
Masterforce! Now is the time to push on

Get on God on Head on
Get on, God on, Head on

Choujin Masterforce
Super-God Masterforce

Outro - "Burn, Transformer!"

Changing changing sakebu chiheisen
Changing, changing! The horizon shouts!

Kimi ni kitto nani ka ga okiru
Something will surely happen to you

Burning burning moreagaru sora
Burning, burning! The sky bursts into flames!

Ikari o komete power zenkai
Focus your rage! Full power!

Hero (hero) hero honoo no battle
Hero, (hero), hero! Blazing battle!

Kinou no kimi o koete yuki
Go beyond who you were yesterday

Sou sa hero (hero) hero
Yes, you are a hero, (hero), hero!

Masterforce de
With the Masterforce!

Kimi mo kimi mo Transformer
You too, you too are a Transformer!

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