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Autobot roll call, part 2

Team Bullet Train


Railspike is the leader of the Team Bullet Train. He is courageous and polite, and his intelligence is second only to that of Optimus Prime.

Railspike transforms to a Shinkansen Series 500 Nozomi bullet train engine. He is equipped with rocket launchers in his shoulders, and is capable of generating ultrasonic waves, powerful enough to take down his targets in one hit.

Midnight Express

Midnight Express is the youngest of the three members in the bullet train team. He is cheerful and friendly in the company of his friends, but harsh in the presence of enemies.

Midnight Express transforms to an Shinkansen Series E-4 bullet train engine. He is equipped with high temperature missiles, and his shoulders can generate shearing blades of solid light, capable of slicing giant icebergs in two. He has high strength and endurance in cold weather, but is less efficient in warmer environments.

Rapid Run

Rapid Run is eager, enthusiastic, and proud. Very competitive - likes to think of Team Bullet Train as the Autobot's elite force, and of himself as the fastest of all the Autobots. He hates to lose a race.

Rapid Run can change to a Shinkansen Series 700 Rail Star bullet train engine. He is armed with a grenade launcher, and can fire large, powerful missiles from his shield.


Railracer is the 15 meter tall giant formed of Team Bullet Train. As a super-robot, his mind is a union of the thoughts of the three Autobots who comprise him.

Railracer is not at all as unwieldy and lumbering as the super robots of the original Transformers series - he's equipped with built-in accelerators that improve his mobility. He wields a giant gun which is a combination of Railspike's beam gun and Midnight Express' rifle.


(Note: The toys pictured in this section are actually the original Japanese versions; the American versions have been slightly altered - some of the colours are different, and Autobot symbols have been added.)


Crosswise is the Autobots' science officer. His specialty is space engineering, but he also has a hand in developing new machinery, and often helps out with the maintenance of his teammates.

Crosswise is armed with an anti-gravity gun, which causes the targets it hits to rise in the air.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot is the leader of the Spychangers. He comes across as gruff, almost rude, in his role as commander, but this is really a result of his strong concern for his subordinates. He is a personal friend of Optimus Prime, whom he has served under for millions of years.

Hot Shot is armed with an adjustable fire blaster gun, which can be focused to a narrow beam or spray fire in a wide angle. Footnote


Ironhide is the oldest of the Autobots, a battle-tested veteran with incredible strength. He's normally very peaceful, but once he gets mad you had better stay clear of him. Doesn't like to be told what to do.

Ironhide is a transports expert and wields a shockwave rifle. He is the slowest of all the Autobots.


Mirage is one of the most unenthusiastic Autobots - he's unsure of the Autobot cause, and can't be fully trusted. But despite his doubts, Mirage is a very valuable soldier - he carries out various functions, from bodyguard duty to espionage, all of them with excellent results.

Mirage is the fastest of the Spychangers, and an excellent marksman. He is armed with a laser sniper rifle.

R.E.V. (Race Exertion Vehicle)

R.E.V. is the Spychanger's tactical officer, and Hot Shot's right-hand man.

R.E.V. has excellent jumping power, and can spring from building to building in urbanized areas. He's armed with a shotgun.

Footnote: As a toy, R.E.V. was originally sold in America as "Race EVolution sportscar", but when the Spychangers were repackaged the name was changed to the name used in the cartoon.

W.A.R.S. (Wicked Attack Recon Sportscar)

W.A.R.S. is one of the few pro-war Autobots, a a bold and daring warrior whose violent actions frighten and appal friend and enemy alike.

He is equipped with heavy armor and a machine gun, which he's firing constantly.

Footnote: The Spychangers barely got any characterisation at all in the cartoon, and since Hasbro didn't provide them with American tech specs I have had to work from the Japanese versions, making some adjustments in a few places.
Two examples of this are Mirage and Ironhide, whose profiles I have "spiced up" with facts from earlier incarnations of these characters. Even though they are not supposed to be the original characters, it works well - especially for Mirage, who does desert the Autobots in one episode.
A third example is Hot Shot, whose original specs gave him the power to "control flames at will". Such superpowers are quite common for Japanese Transformers but are non-standard for the American versions, so instead I equipped him with a weapon with slightly related capabilities.

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