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Autobot roll call

Optimus Prime

The Autobot leader hardly needs any presentation. It's a new version of Optimus Prime, but he's as courageous as he's ever been. He fights unceasingly to protect the weak and defend what he believes in. He's not only the strongest Autobot, but also the wisest and the most intelligent - to his followers he's a bottomless well of inspiration from which they draw their strength.

The Robots in Disguise version of Optimus Prime transforms into a modern fire truck. The fire truck divides into two halves, of which the front half transforms into Optimus Prime's robot mode, and the rear half transforms into a battle station with facilities for field repairs.

In robot mode Optimus Prime can combine with the trailer module to increase his size and strength. In this mode he is loaded with weapons, of which one is the giant water cannon within his ladder. The jet from the water cannon has an enormous force, so strong that it can send its targets into orbit.

Optimus Prime in robot mode

"Transform and roll out!"

Optimus Prime in super
robot mode

Optimus Prime in super
robot mode

Omega Prime

Later in the series, when Ultra Magnus arrives, Optimus and Magnus discover that they can merge to form yet another super robot, with even greater strength and firepower than they have on their own. The combined mode is called Omega Prime.

Omega Prime

Closeup of Omega Prime.


One of Optimus' three closest warriors, X-Brawn is also one of the most daring of the Autobots. He loves extremes and can handle any type of environment, from desert to blizzard, and can traverse the toughest terrain.

X-Brawn lives for the thrill, and can often be found climbing the tallest towers in the city in car mode, using his winch to pull himself up the buildings.

He is a martial arts master, and has enormous strength in his left arm, which he uses to execute lariats (a pro-wrestling maneuver) on his Predacon opposition. X-Brawn is a bot of few words, but is very reliable.

X-Brawn in robot mode

Just another day at the job.

The elevator is out of order again...

Who needs roads when you
have four-wheel drive?


Competent and loyal, Prowl is Optimus Prime's trusted right-hand man. Very quick to assess situations.

He's equipped with jet boosters in car mode, which makes it nearly impossible for his suspects to escape him.

Prowl takes his role as a police car seriously, and is very conscientious about rules and regulations - something that his fellow Autobots often experience. He's constantly on Side Burn's back for his habit of stalking red sports cars, and he thinks that the veteran X-Brawn should try to set a better example for their younger teammate.

Prowl in police car mode

Close-up of robot mode Prowl

Prowl and Optimus Prime

Side Burn

Side Burn is one of the wackiest Autobots yet. This youngster seems to be unaware of the invasion threat, and is convinced that the Autobots' mission on Earth is to find chicks! He's totally crazy about red sports cars, which he believes to be female, and Prowl has his hands full trying to restrain the lovesick young Autobot, so he doesn't pester innocent human drivers.

In spite of his delusions, Side Burn is a very brave Autobot (or is it lack of judgment?), and he never thinks twice before engaging an enemy in combat.

On the highways, Side Burn has the highest cruising speed of all the Autobots.

Side Burn in robot mode

Car mode Side Burn

X-Brawn and Side Burn

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