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Autobot roll call, part 3


An Autobot with a few screws loose in his head. Skid-Z is obsessed with racing and is unable to turn down any challenge - he feels compelled to participate no matter whether it's a Formula 1 race or just a bicycle race between kids.


Another over-zealous Autobot: Tow-Line hates illegal parking and cracks down on it severely. He's responsible for traffic riot control, and can use his powerful hook to lift and carry anything from a car to a bullet train.

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is back, but it's an Ultra Magnus who's quite different from the one we saw in the original Transformers series - and the differences are more than superficial. His relationship to Optimus Prime, his former friend, is strained. The reasons for Ultra Magnus' animosity dates back many millions of years - he and Optimus Prime were created at the same time, but it was Optimus Prime who was entrusted with the Matrix. Ultra Magnus has never got over being overlooked, and now he arrives on Earth to challenge Optimus for the Matrix.

Ultra Magnus transforms into a car carrier, capable of carrying Autobot warriors over long distances at high speeds. A professional soldier, he wields a fierce and fiery weapon called Blue Bolts. The Blue Bolt is linked directly to Ultra Magnus' power supply, and consequently its power varies depending on his condition. He has flight capability thanks to a turbo-charged, high-powered jet engine.

Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime can join together to create Omega Prime, a super-powerful force of strength and wisdom.

Fortress Maximus

Hidden somewhere on Earth, is the largest Transformer of them all - the gigantic city Transformer called Fortress Maximus! When Megatron eventually learns of this forgotten secret, he immediately realizes its importance. With Fortress Maximus at his command he will be able to defeat the Autobots once and for all, and reduce them to a bitter memory! The Autobots' only chance for survival is to find Fortress Maximus before Megatron does...

The giant Fortress Maximus isn't a living, sentient robot like the other Transformers. It is an enormous robot body, 350 meters tall, which can be controlled using "Headmaster" technology.
Fortress Maximus' Headmaster is an Autobot called Cerebros, who can transform into head mode and combine with the city's master computer to a larger robot, which in turn transforms into the head of Fortress Maximus.

In robot mode, Fortress Maximus is bristling with weaponry. He has retractable pulse cannons, machine gun batteries, and laser-guided mortars. When he fires off all his cannons at once, no enemies can withstand his onslaught. Transformed into a space-going battleship, he can carry Autobot warriors across the vastness of space at the speed of light.

Imagine seeing this sight in real life!
Just as a comparison, I can mention that the Scandinavian Tower in Malmö, if it is built, will become Europe's tallest building at 325 m. Fortress Maximus is 25 meters taller than that!
Fortress Maximus is so tall that his head and feet are located in different climate zones. (Just kidding!) Closeup of Fortress Maximus

The Build Team

A strangely composed team, with a young, inexperienced Transformer as the leader, and three immensely loyal Autobots who do everything to protect and help him.


Wedge is the young leader of the Build Team. Unrefined and reckless, he sometimes makes mistakes owing to his youth, but with the help of his friends and the acquisition of plenty of experience, he is maturing into a capable leader. Wedge appears to have an almost limitless energy reserve. He wields a double-barrelled beam gun.


An expert marksman, Hightower is second to none when it comes to using firearms. He acts as Wedge's personal bodyguard. Wedge's recklessness can leave him at a loss, but he dispenses frank advice even while staunchly supporting his leader. Hightower has deep trust from his teammates.


Grimlock, the Build Team's second-in-command, has a really sunny disposition. Calmly and coolly, he judges the progress of a battle, then provides appropriate advice to Wedge and his other teammates. Grimlock is often deep in thoughts, pondering how best to pass on to Wedge his experience on numerous battlefields.


Heavyload has the greatest strength and the thickest armor of the Build Team. Being well versed in all sorts of fighting techniques, he is also Wedge's martial arts instructor. He acts as Wedge's aide, and is prepared to lay down his life to follow his leader's orders.

Landfill, "hurricane mode"Landfill

Landfill is the 12-meter tall super robot formed of the four members of the Build Team. Thanks to his unique Tornado Fusion System, he can optimize his configuration for any combat situation. Landfill has three different modes, each in which Wedge remains at the center while the other three members rotate around his hub. The Hurricane Mode, in which Grimlock(*) forms the back and arms, is a superb multi-purpose type formation, balancing offense and defense; the Cyclone Mode, with Hightower(*) in the upper body, is a power type form excelling in close-quarters combat; and the Typhoon Mode, with Heavyload(*) in the topmost position, is his battle type formation, which has high offensive power.

Landfill, "typhoon" and "cyclone" modes

(*) The three modes are named after the Build Team members' Japanese names - Grimlock is "Build Hurricane", Hightower is "Build Cyclone", and Heavyload is "Build Typhoon".
The three configurations weren't actually named in the USA.

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