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Robots in Disguise
Episode List

Robots in Disguise
#   Episode name Writer First broadcast
1 Battle Protocol! Tom Wyner 2001-Sep-08
2 An Explosive Situation Tom Wyner 2001-Sep-10
3 Bullet Train to the Rescue Steve Kramer 2001-Sep-11
4 Spychangers to the Rescue Richard Epcar 2001-Sep-12
5 Hunt for Black Pyramid Marc Handler 2001-Sep-13
6 Secret of the Ruins Tom Wyner 2001-Oct-11 (edited version)
7 Sideburn's Obsession Richard Epcar 2001-Sep-15
8 Secret Weapon: D5 Marc Handler 2001-Sep-17
9 Mirage's Betrayal Richard Epcar 2001-Sep-18
10 Skid-Z's Choice Tom Wyner 2001-Sep-19
11 Tow-Line Goes Haywire Matthew V. Lewis 2001-Sep-20
12 Ultimate Robot Warrior Richard Epcar 2001-Sep-21
13 Hope for the Future Tom Wyner 2001-Oct-26 (edited version)
14 The Decepticons Tom Wyner 2001-Sep-22
15 Commandos Marc Handler 2001-Sep-24
16 The Volcano Tom Wyner 2001-Sep-25
17 Attack From Outer Space Matthew V. Lewis 2002-Jan-12 (in Canada; not aired in the USA *)
18 The Test Tom Wyner 2001-Sep-26
19 The Fish Test Marc Handler 2001-Sep-27
20 Wedge's Short Fuse Richard Epcar 2001-Sep-28
21 Landfill Richard Epcar 2002-Jun-22 (in the UK; not aired in North America *)
22 Sky-Byte Saves The Day Matthew V. Lewis 2002-Jun-23 (in the UK; not aired in North America *)
23 A Test of Metal Richard Epcar 2001-Sep-29
24 Ultra Magnus Tom Wyner 2001-Oct-06
25 Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion! Matthew V. Lewis 2001-Oct-13
26 Lessons of the Past Tom Wyner 2001-Dec-14 (edited?)
27 The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus Michael McConnohie 2001-Oct-20
28 Power to Burn! Tom Wyner 2001-Oct-19
29 Fortress Maximus Richard Epcar 2001-Oct-27
30 Koji Gets His Wish Richard Epcar 2001-Nov-03
31 A Friendly Contest Matthew V. Lewis 2001-Nov-10
32 Peril From The Past Michael McConnohie 2001-Nov-17
33 Maximus Emerges Tom Wyner 2002-Feb-16
34 The Human Element Tom Wyner 2002-Feb-23
35 Mystery of Ultra Magnus Tom Wyner 2002-Mar-30
36 Mistaken Identity Michael McConnohie 2002-Mar-02
37 Surprise Attack! Tom Wyner 2002-Mar-09
38 Galvatron's Revenge Richard Epcar 2002-Mar-16
39 The Final Battle Tom Wyner 2002-Mar-23

*) Several episodes were postponed in the USA due to certain similarities (at least in the program planners' minds) to the terrorist attack in New York, USA, on September 11, 2001. Half a dozen of them were broadcasted later (a few of them edited for "upsetting" scenes), but three of them (episodes #17, 21 and 22) have never been shown at all, and another episode (#2, "An explosive situation") has apparently not been broadcasted again since the attack.

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