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Robots in Disguise
Cast List

Cast list
As with almost everything else in the Robots in Disguise section, this information is still preliminary. Clicking on an actor's name will open The Internet Movie Database's entry on the actor.


Character Actor/Actress A few previous roles
Cerebros Steve Kramer Angelo Dante - Robotech
Crosswise Dan Woren Roy Fokker - Robotech
Fortress Maximus Steve Kramer (see Cerebros)
Grimlock Tom Wyner Jonathan Wolff - Robotech
Heavy-Load Daran Norris Venom, Mysterio, Scorpion, Human Torch - Spider-Man (videogame)
Hightower Keith Anthony  
Hot Shot Michael McConnohie Tracks, Cosmos - Transformers; Crosscountry - G.I. Joe; Rolf Emerson - Robotech
Ironhide Michael McConnohie (see Hot Shot)
Landfill Michael Reisz Matt Ishida - Digimon
Midnight Express David Lodge Parrotmon - Digimon; Ken Borden - The Dig (videogame)
Mirage Wally Wingert Herman Toothrot - Escape from Monkey Island (videogame)
Omega Prime Daniel Riordan Turbo Man - Jingle All The Way
Optimus Prime Neil Kaplan Hawkmon - Digimon; Diabolico, Destruxo - Power Rangers
Prowl Wankus  
Railracer David Lodge (see Midnight Express)
Railspike Mike L Reynolds Dolza - Robotech; Harry Penn - Robotech II: The Sentinels; Gennai - Digimon
Rapid Run Keith Diamond Jay - Men in Black TV series
R.E.V. Steve Kramer (see Cerebros)
Side Burn Wally Wingert (see Mirage)
Skid-Z Mike Lindsay Joe Kido, Greymon - Digimon
T-ai Sandy Fox Toonsylvania
Tow-Line Lex Lang WarGreymon, Scorpiomon, Omnimon, etc. - Digimon
Ultra Magnus Kim Strauss Scorpius, Jinxer - Power Rangers; Drazi Ambassador - Babylon 5
W.A.R.S. Steve Blum Lord Feff - Macross II: Lovers Again
Wedge Michael Reisz (see Landfill)
X-Brawn Bob Joles DinoZaurs


Character Actor A few previous roles
Armorhide Richard Epcar Ben Dixon, Lunk - Robotech
Dark Scream Steve Blum (see W.A.R.S.)
Galvatron Daniel Riordan (see Omega Prime)
Gas Skunk Jerry DeCapua  
Mega-Octane   Bob Papenbrook   ShogunGeckomon, Tortemon - Digimon; Rito Revolto - Power Rangers; Drago - DinoZaurs
Megatron Daniel Riordan (see Omega Prime)
Movor Robert Axelrod Rico - Robotech; Lord Zedd, Finster - Power Rangers; Armadillomon - Digimon
Ro-Tor Neil Kaplan (see Optimus Prime)
Rollbar Mike Lindsay (see Skid-Z)
Ruination Bob Papenbrook (see Mega-Octane)
Scourge Barry Stigler  
Sky-Byte Peter Spellos Meramon/Whamon - Digimon
Slapper Peter Lurie DinoZaurs; Escape from Monkey Island (videogame), Star Wars Episode I (videogame), Grim Fandango (videogame)


Character Actor/Actress A few previous roles
Koji Onishi Jason Spisak  
Dr. Onishi Kirk Thornton Gabumon, MetalGarurumon - Digimon
Carl (Koji's friend) Joshua Seth Tai, Pabumon, Motimon, Tentomon, Pumpkinmon, Kumbhiramon - Digimon
Dorie Dutton Tifanie Christun Yolei Inoue, Biyomon - Digimon
Kelly Philece Sampler Betty Ross - The Incredible Hulk; Mimi, Cody Hida - Digimon

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