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Transformers Energon
Episode List

#   Episode name First broadcast
1 Cybertron City 2004-Jan-31
2 Energon Stars 2004-Feb-07
3 Scorponok (misspelt "Scorpinok") 2004-Feb-14
4 Megatron's Sword 2004-Feb-21
5 The New Cybertron City 2004-Feb-28
6 Megatron Resurrected 2004-Mar-06
7 Megatron Raid 2004-Mar-13
8 Starscream, The Mysterious Mercenary 2004-Apr-09
9 Battle of the Asteroid Belt 2004-Apr-09
10 Energon Tower 2004-Apr-09
11 The Legend of Rodimus 2004-Apr-09
12 Crisis in Jungle City 2004-Jun-18 (in Canada)
13 Kicker Beware! 2004-Jun-25 (in Canada)
14 Energon Grid 2004-Jul-01
15 Rodimus: Friend or Foe? 2004-Jul-02
16 Go For Unicron! 2004-Jul-03
17 The Return of Demolishor 2004-Jul-03
18 A Tale of Two Heroes (misspelt "Heros") 2004-Jul-03
19 Battle Stations 2004-Jul-03
20 Alpha Q: Identity 2004-Jul-03
21 Shockblast: Rampage (originally named "Laserwave: Rampage" on the first broadcast) 2004-Jul-03
22 Survival Instincts 2004-Aug-27 (in Canada)
23 Each One Fights... 2004-Sep-03 (in Canada)
24 Unicron Unleashed 2004-Sep-04
25 Open Fire! 2004-Sep-04
26 Ripped Up Space 2004-Sep-04
27 Team Optimus Prime (clip show) 2004-Sep-04
28 Protection 2004-Oct-08 (in Canada)
29 Imprisoned Inferno (misspelt "Improsoned") 2004-Oct-15 (in Canada) (*)
30 Jungle Planet 2004-Oct-22 (in Canada) (*)
31 Bulkhead 2004-Oct-29 (in Canada) (*)
32 Farewell Inferno 2004-Nov-05 (*)
- Scorponok's Scars skipped**
33 Crash Course 2004-Nov-08 (*)
34 Omega Supreme 2004-Nov-09 (*)
35 A Heroic Battle 2004-Nov-10 (*)
36 The Power 2004-Nov-11 (*)
37 Optimus Supreme 2004-Nov-16 (in the UK) (*)
38 Unicron Perishes 2004-Nov-17 (in the UK) (*)
39 Ambition 2004-Dec-31 (in Canada) (*)
40 Wishes 2005-Jan-07 (in Canada) (*)
41 Galvatron! 2005-Jan-14 (in Canada) (*)
42 Break Through 2005-Jan-21 (in Canada) (*)
43 Distribution 2005-Jan-28 (in Canada)
44 The Omega Train 2005-Feb-04 (in Canada)
45 Decepticon Army (misspelt "Deception Army") 2005-Feb-11 (in Canada)
46 Ironhide Team 2005-Feb-18 (in Canada)
47 Formidable 2005-Feb-25 (in Canada)
48 Galvatron Terror 2005-Mar-04 (in Canada)
49 Destructive Power 2005-Mar-11 (in Canada)
50 Spark 2005-Mar-19 (in Canada)
51 The Sun 2005-Mar-19 (in Canada)

*) Episodes marked with an asterisk were available for viewing online at Cartoon Network's website. The first episodes were made available in September 2004, and more episodes were added in October, November and December.

**) Episode 33 of the Japanese Super Link series was skipped. The reason for the omission is unclear, but according to Heather Ann Puttock of Voicebox English voices weren't even recorded for this episode, so it doesn't seem likely it will ever be shown.

After the exclusion of Super Link's episode 33, the whole series spans 51 episodes.
Episode 43, Distribution, was created to celebrate the 500th Transformers episode, counting every series in both North America and Japan. Episodes 33-42 above correspond to Japanese Super Link episodes 34-43.

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