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Mini-Con roll call


Members: High Wire (bike), Grindor (skateboard), and Sureshock (scooter).

"Seek your true power."

The Street Action Team are the first Mini-Cons to be reactivated on Earth. Although they look ordinary, these three robots are keys to the mini mission of all the Mini-Cons. They combine into the robot Perceptor, showing the strength of teamwork. Their capabilities continue to grow over time, but their real power is in making others discover their true potential.

Adopting High Wire as his preferred mode of transportation, Rad is the only human who can understand him. Therefore, they share a special relationship. High Wire transforms into a BMX bike in vehicle mode. When combined with Grindor and Sureshock, they form a larger robot called Perceptor.

When Carlos first meets Grindor, he turns in his old skateboard for the cooler, updated Mini-Con version! Faster than an ordinary skateboard, Grindor can even travel on water. Grindor combines with High Wire and Sureshock to form the larger robot Perceptor.

Sureshock transforms into a speedy orange scooter. Alexis uses Sureshock to get around when she is not in Hot Shot's passenger seat. Sureshock, High Wire and Grindor can transform and combine together to form Perceptor, a larger robot.

Grindor, robot mode

Grindor, skateboard mode

Sureshock, robot mode

Sureshock, scooter mode

Highwire, close-up

Highwire, robot mode

Highwire, bicycle mode



Members: Jetstorm (jet), Sonar (space shuttle), Runway (jumbo jet)

"We are the power of the sword."

The Air Defense Team combine into Star Saber, a powerful sword that empowers the one who wields it with awesome strength and destructive energy. Therefore, the Autobots and Decepticons are in constant battle to claim these three mini-cons for their own. When they are apart, they are formidable air defense machines used for high-altitude and high-speed missions.

Jetstorm, robot mode

Runway, robot mode

Jetstorm and Runway, jet modes


Members: Wreckage (rocket launcher), Knock Out (personal carrier), Bonecrusher (missile loader truck)

"Load 'em and launch 'em!"

Each of these tough land vehicles carries multiple missiles. When launched, they fill the air with streaming trails of explosive firepower. The Autobots recognize the destructive power of these Mini-cons and fight fiercely to keep them out of the hands of the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Megatron is determined to possess them and their power.

Bonecrusher, robot mode

Bonecrusher, missile truck mode

Bonecrusher, attaching to Demolishor

The Autobots
The Decepticons

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