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Decepticon roll call


"My power is your doom!"

Megatron commands the Decepticons through sheer force. He is the strongest and most terrifying warrior of them all. He can use his massive firepower for maximum devastation, enabling him to level a battlefield to the ground. Megatron wants all of the Mini-Cons, because he knows they will give him unimaginable abilities and power. As he sees it, there can only be one ruler of the universe, and he intends to be that ruler. If Earth is destroyed in the process, then so be it.

Megatron can transform into an enormous tank, equipped with Mini-Con prisons, storage areas, grabber claws and traps. As if that isn't enough, Megatron becomes even more powerful when he utilizes the power of his Mini-Con, Leader-1, to activate a hidden projectile launcher. When Megatron is in robot mode, Leader-1 attaches to the Decepticon's arm to reveal a sword in his hand, or becomes a hand-held weapon himself.

Megatron, close-up

Megatron, robot mode

With Leader-1 attached, Megatron's
blasts become so powerful that he's
driven backward by the recoil...

...and sometimes even loses his
foothold and topples over!



Leader-1 connecting to Megatron


"My destiny is leadership."

Starscream uses his speed and maneuverability as a jet to launch aerial attacks on the Autobots. No one can compete with him when it comes to speed and skill in the air. He slices through the sky, chasing the enemy and even endangering any Decepticon that gets in his way. As the second in command, he pretends to be loyal to Megatron, but he is always looking for an opportunity to weaken his leader's rule and take control of the Decepticons.

In robot mode, Starscream's wing detaches and becomes a sword. In airplane and robot modes his Mini-Con, Swindle, activate two missile launchers. Swindle transforms into an F-1 racer.

Starscream, close-up

Starscream, robot mode

Starscream, jet mode

Starscream with Mini-Con-activated
missile launchers


"Out of my way! Attack!"

Cyclonus is so reckless that even his own Decepticon allies are afraid of him. While performing aerial attacks, he may suddenly fly off to attack a lone Autobot, leaving his companions unprotected. Megatron likes to let him loose because he's so dangerous in battle, but he has trouble stopping him once he gets started. The fact is, Cyclonus may never learn to control his savage recklessness, and that's just what makes him so dangerous.

Cyclonus transforms into a lethal helicopter, and his Mini-Con, Crumplezone, transforms into a tank. Crumplezone can become Cyclonus' nose in helicopter mode, and in both helicopter and robot modes, he attaches to either side/arm to activate a projectile launcher.


Cyclonus attacking Carlos and Alexis

Cyclonus, helicopter mode

Cyclonus, giving Megatron air support


"As you command."

Demolishor fights ferociously in every battle to which he's sent, regardless of the odds. He always follows orders - if Megatron tells him to do something, he does it without hesitation. In Demolishor's opinion, a leader must always be obeyed at any cost. Megatron values the unwavering loyalty of his best soldier, but has abandoned him when necessary to save his own life. Demolishor has never resented any of these betrayals. If Megatron is lucky, the day will never come when Demolishor questions the orders of his leader.

In vehicle mode, Demolishor transforms into a deadly missile tank. His Mini-Con, Blackout, transforms into a missile launching truck. Blackout attaches to Demolishor in both robot and vehicle mode to enable him to fire projectiles.

Demolishor, robot mode

Demolishor, tank mode


Blackout, close-up

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