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Transformers Armada

(The introduction from the first episode)

Eons ago, deep in the cosmos, a unique digital entity came into being. In search of other lifeforms it sent explorers out to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. These digital, mechanical beings became known as Transformers. One of the first planets inhabited was soon to become known throughout time and space as Cybertron.

A civil war between the Transformers raged on, and at stake was a race of tiny robots known as Mini-Cons. Always considered smart tools, used to boost power, these Mini-Cons were awakened by an inner protocol. They then joined forces and resisted domination by both Autobots and Decepticons.

Battle after battle proved nothing, and after many casualties the Autobots and Decepticons were caught in a deadlock. Realizing that victory would come at too high a price, the warring factions formed a truce. And in this truce it was decided that an enormous craft be constructed for the Mini-Cons, who would be catapulted into space, never to be used as pawns in a galactic war again...

After drifting in space for millions of years, the Mini-Con ship collided with a moon circling a primitive planet which would eventually become known as Earth.

The craft and cargo shattered, casting Mini-Cons to every corner of the planet.

Eventually the Earth shifted, and for millions of years the Mini-Cons lay dormant, until the early 21st century...

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