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Transformers Armada
Episode List

#   Episode name First broadcast
1 First Encounter 2002-Aug-23
2 Metamorphosis 2002-Aug-23
3 Base 2002-Aug-23
4 Comrade 2002-Sep-20
5 Soldier 2002-Sep-27
6 Jungle 2002-Oct-04
7 Carnival 2002-Oct-11
8 Palace 2002-Oct-18
9 Confrontation 2002-Oct-25
10 Underground 2002-Nov-01
11 Ruin 2002-Nov-15
12 Prehistory 2002-Nov-22
13 Swoop 2002-Nov-29
14 Overmatch 2002-Dec-13
15 Gale 2002-Dec-20
16 Credulous 2002-Dec-27
17 Conspiracy 2003-Jan-20 (in the United Kingdom, a few hours before the USA)
18 Trust 2003-Jan-21 (in the United Kingdom, a few hours before the USA)
19 Vacation 2003-Jan-22 (in the United Kingdom, a few hours before the USA)
20 Reinforcement 2003-Jan-23 (in the United Kingdom, a few hours before the USA)
21 Decisive Battle 2003-Jan-24 (in the United Kingdom, a few hours before the USA)
22 Vow 2003-Jan-25 (in the United Kingdom)
23 Rebellion 2003-Jan-26 (in the United Kingdom)
24 Chase 2003-Jan-27 (in the United Kingdom)
25 Tactician 2003-Jan-28 (in the United Kingdom)
26 Link Up 2003-Jan-29 (in the United Kingdom)
27 Detection 2003-Mar-01
28 Awakening 2003-Mar-08
29 Desperate 2003-Mar-15
30 Runaway 2003-Mar-22
31 Past, part 1 2003-Mar-29
32 Past, part 2 2003-Apr-05
33 Sacrifice 2003-Apr-12
34 Regeneration 2003-Apr-19
35 Rescue 2003-Apr-26
36 Mars 2003-May-03
37 Crack 2003-May-10
38 Threaten 2003-Aug-18 (in Canada)
39 Crisis 2003-Aug-19 (in Canada)
40 Remorse 2003-Aug-20 (in Canada)
41 Depart 2003-Sep-05 (in Canada)
42 Miracle 2003-Sep-12 (in Canada)
43 Puppet 2003-Sep-19 (in Canada)
44 Uprising 2003-Sep-25 (in the United Kingdom)
45 Dash 2003-Sep-26 (in the United Kingdom)
46 Drift 2003-Sep-27 (in the United Kingdom)
47 Portent 2003-Sep-28 (in the United Kingdom)
48 Cramp 2003-Sep-29 (in the United Kingdom)
49 Alliance 2003-Sep-30 (in the United Kingdom)
50 Union 2003-Oct-01 (in the United Kingdom)
51 Origin 2003-Oct-02 (in the United Kingdom)
52 Mortal Combat 2003-Oct-03 (in the United Kingdom)

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