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Episode list

#   Episode name First broadcast
1 Transform and roll out, part 1 2007-Dec-26
2 Transform and roll out, part 2 2007-Dec-26
3 Transform and roll out, part 3 2007-Dec-26
4 Home is where the spark is 2008-Jan-05
5 Total meltdown 2008-Jan-18 (*)
6 Blast from the past 2008-Jan-12
7 Thrill of the hunt 2008-Jan-19
8 Nanosec 2008-Jan-26
9 Along came a spider 2008-Feb-16
10 Sound and fury 2008-Feb-23
11 Lost and found 2008-Mar-01
12 Survival of the fittest 2008-Mar-08
13 Headmaster 2008-Mar-15
14 Nature calls 2008-Mar-22
15 Megatron rising – part 1 2008-Mar-29
16 Megatron rising – part 2 2008-Apr-05
17 The elite guard 2008-Apr-12
18 Return of the Headmaster 2008-Apr-19 (in Canada)
19 Mission accomplished 2008-Apr-26 (in Canada)
20 Garbage in, garbage out 2008-May-03 (in Canada)
21 Velocity 2008-May-10 (in Canada) (dubbed, 2008-May-03 in Middle East)
22 Rise of the Constructicons 2008-May-17 (in Canada) (dubbed, 2008-May-04 in Middle East)
23 A fistful of energon 2008-May-24 (in Canada) (dubbed, 2008-May-05 in Middle East)
24 S.U.V. - Society of ultimate villainy 2008-May-31 (in Canada) (dubbed, 2008-May-06 in Middle East)
25 Autoboot camp 2008-Jun-03 (in Great Britain) (dubbed, 2008-May-07 in Middle East)
26 Black Friday 2008-Jun-04 (in Great Britain) (dubbed, 2008-May-10 in Middle East)
27 Sari, no one's home 2008-Jun-05 (in Great Britain) (dubbed, 2008-May-11 in Middle East)
28 A bridge too close, part I 2008-Jun-28 (in Canada) (dubbed, 2008-May-12 in Middle East)
29 A bridge too close, part II 2008-Jun-28 (in Canada) (dubbed, 2008-May-13 in Middle East)
30 Transwarped, part I 2009-Mar-14
31 Transwarped, part II 2009-Mar-14
32 Transwarped, part III 2009-Mar-14
33 Three's a crowd 2009-Mar-21
34 Where is thy sting? 2009-Mar-28
35 Five servos of doom 2009-Apr-04
36 Predacons rising 2009-Apr-11
37 Human error, part I 2009-Apr-18
38 Human error, part II 2009-Apr-25
39 Decepticon Air 2009-May-02
40 This is why I hate machines 2009-May-09
41 Endgame, part I 2009-May-16
42 Endgame, part II 2009-May-23

*) "Total meltdown" was lifted out from the first run of the series and made available on various on-demand broadband services on January 18. Popular rumour has it that the episode was skipped due to wrestling and steroid references; these rumours are unfounded though, and the episode was eventually shown on regular television in the US on February 9.

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