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Profile: Although Sari is one hundred percent human, she’s an "honorary" Autobot. As the adopted daughter of robotics magnate Isaac Sumdac, Sari lived a sheltered life until she met the Autobots. Obsessed by his work, Sumdac had little time for Sari growing up. As a result, she was raised largely by his domestic robot drones, whom little Sari came to love as deeply as any parent, nanny, teddy bear and/or imaginary friend.

Sari is also integral to the survival of the Autobots. When they first awakened on Earth, the Allspark scanned for technology that would allow the Autobots to blend in with their environment. But it scanned something else first: an organic life form—specifically, a pre-pubescent girl who was hanging around her father’s robotics factory. Call it an accident or call it destiny, but the Allspark projected part of itself onto Sari in the form of The Key. Wearing it on a chain around her neck, Sari can use the Key to absorb the Allspark energy and store it like a battery, providing an emergency power supply and healing source for the Autobots in battle. It also provides Sari with an almost psychic connection to the Autobots. She can sense when they're in danger and when Decepticons are near.

Sari acts as the unofficial ambassador to the planet Earth for the Autobots, cluing them in on such alien concepts as junk food, school, sleep, popularity, shopping, belching contests, fashion and the dreaded tow away zones.

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