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Cast List

Note: This list is neither complete nor 100 % confirmed.
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Character Actor 
Alpha Trion Phil LaMarr
Arcee Susan Blu
Blurr John Moschitta
Bulkhead Bill Fagerbakke
Bumblebee Bumper Robinson
Cliffjumper David Kaye
Elita One Cree Summer
Flareup Susan Blu
Grandus Jeff Glen Bennett
Grimlock David Kaye
Highbrow David Kaye
Hotshot Bill Fagerbakke
Ironhide Corey Burton
Jazz Phil LaMarr
Jetfire Tom Kenny
Jetstorm Phil LaMarr
Longarm Corey Burton
Omega Supreme Kevin Michael Richardson (season 2)
Phil LaMarr (season 3)
Optimus Prime David Kaye
Prowl Jeff Glen Bennett
Ratchet Corey Burton
Rattletrap Tom Kenny
Red Alert Tara Strong
Rodimus Judd Nelson
Sentinel Prime Townsend Coleman
Snarl No lines yet
Swoop No lines yet
Tracks Townsend Coleman
Ultra Magnus Jeff Glen Bennett
Warpath David Kaye
Wreck-Gar "Weird Al" Yankovic
Yoketron George Takei


Black Arachnia Cree Summer
Blackout Bumper Robinson
Blitzwing Bumper Robinson
Dirt Boss John Mariano
"Female Starscream" Tara Strong
Lockdown Lance Henriksen
Lugnut David Kaye
Megatron Corey Burton
Mixmaster Jeff Glen Bennett
Oil Slick Phil LaMarr
Scrapper Tom Kenny
Shockwave Corey Burton
Soundwave Jeff Glen Bennett
Starscream Tom Kenny
Strika Tara Strong
Swindle Fred Willard
Wasp/Waspinator Tom Kenny


A. A. Archer/The Angry Archer Jeff Glen Bennett
Captain Fanzone Jeff Glen Bennett
Carly Witwicky (credited as "Wife") Tara Strong
Cyrus "The Colossus" Rhodes Corey Burton
Daniel Witwicky Tara Strong
Henry Masterson/The Headmaster Alexander Polinsky
Isaac Sumdac Tom Kenny
Master Disaster Bill Fagerbakke
Nino Sexton/Nanosec Brian Posehn
Porter C. Powell Bumper Robinson
Professor Penny Princess Kath Soucie
Prometheus Black/Meltdown Peter Stormare
Sari Sumdac Tara Strong
Slo-Mo Tara Strong
Spike Witwicky (credited as "Husband") Corey Burton

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