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Profile: As the founder of the modern robotics industry, Sumdac single-handedly transformed the city of Detroit from the crumbling symbol of a declining automobile industry to the gleaming, thriving beacon of the future it becomes in the 22nd Century. And his public awe and deep gratitude toward the Autobots is largely responsible for their elevated superhero status on Earth.

One night in the late 21st Century, the young Sumdac thought he saw a falling star cascade into his back field, but it was something much better. It was the smoldering, non-functioning remains of the head of an alien robot, Megatron. Turns out, after his battle with Optimus Prime and the Autobots, a badly damaged Megatron ejected from his ship and crashed to Earth, landing in Sumdac's field. In the decades that passed while the Autobots slumbered in stasis at the bottom of Lake Erie, Sumdac was able to reverse the Cybertronian technology engineered by Megatron and usher in the Automatronic Revolution of the 22nd Century.

But what Sumdac doesn’t know is that the remains of the cybernetic alien he recovered may be more functional than they appear. And Megatron has been manipulating Sumdac to bring Earth technology to a level that will allow him to reconstruct his battle damaged body and a whole new army of Decepticons.

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