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Allegiance: Decepticon

"Don't try to deceive a Decepticon, Autobot. We are the masters of deception."

Profile: Starscream has always lived in Megatron's shadows and it burns him constantly. He feels that he has done much more in the name of Decepticons than Megatron, but he simply lacks the charisma to inspire others. Starscream makes up for this shortcoming with lies, deceit, manipulation, and when that fails, more lies, deceit, and manipulation. Starscream would love nothing more than to obtain the Allspark for himself, win the devotion of fellow Decepticons, and usurp Megatron's rule. He is driven by jealousy, pure and simple.

Abilities: Starscream's main weapons are his arm cannons. He has incredible speed, maneuverability, and hovering capabilities. He flies rings around the Autobots. In addition, as his name indicates he creates a sonic scream that make powerful sonic blasts of sound that can send enemies spinning through the atmosphere.

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