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"In my business, there are no friends, only suspects."

Profile: On the surface, Punch is as cool-headed and well-adjusted a character as you could wish to meet. At times of crisis, he keeps his head and takes command, his authoritative nature and imposing presence helping to calm those around him. Many are the Autobots who have admired his tight-lipped, stoic attitude. But Punch fools himself almost as completely as he fools others. He likes to think that he is a robot of few words because, in his business, to say too much is to invite death. In truth, Punch says little because he distrusts absolutely everyone! His role as double agent, constantly switching his appearance to Counterpunch so as to blend in with the Decepticon forces, has left him a paranoid bundle of neuro-circuits. He hides it well, but Punch is constantly on edge, guarding against possible betrayal (from his fellow Autobots) and discovery (by the Decepticons). Only Autobot leader Optimus Prime suspects that Punch's long undercover operations, taking him into the dark heart of the Decepticon camp, may be having an adverse effect. He sees not the calm, aloof warrior others see. He sees a powder keg, about to explode. Knowing how easily and confidently he walks with the Decepticons, Punch looks at his fellow Autobots, wondering if one of them is actually a Decepticon double-agent. Despite all of this, there is no doubting Punch's courage and dedication. Each time Punch receives another infiltration mission, Optimus Prime gives him the chance to back out with absolutely no loss of face. And each time, Punch remains silent.




"In my business, there are no friends, only suspects."

Profile: When Punch becomes Counterpunch, he not only changes his outer appearance; his whole personality changes as well. The bizarre fact is, neither Punch nor Counterpunch are aware that there is any mental change. A psychomechanic could make a fortune out of him, because Punch/Counterpunch is one of the best examples of schizophrenia (or split personality). Though, as Counterpunch, he retains his Autobot sensibilities (and carries out his double-agent duties; infiltrating and reporting on Decepticon troop movements and capabilities), he becomes more Decepticon than Autobot. Like Punch, he is tight-lipped and resolute, but where Punch uses mercy and restraint, Counterpunch can be every bit as ruthless as other Decepticons. Even his 'fellow' Decepticons give him a wide berth, knowing him to be volatile and bad-tempered. A casual, jokey remark is often seen as a savage personal attack by Counterpunch, and rarely passes without some form of retribution from him. It can be theorized that perhaps the constant knife-edge pressure has gradually gotten to Punch, and that part of him has been lost, possibly irredeemably. So convincing is Punch's Decepticon alter ego that he was put in charge of the Decepticons' intelligence network, gathering information on the Autobots and controlling the many Decepticon field operatives. This role presents Punch/Counterpunch with a unique problem. How can he maintain his cover and get results, without compromising his fellow Autobots? The great fear is that one day, Counterpunch will take full control of the shared mind, spelling disaster for the Autobots!

Abilities: As both Punch and Counterpunch, he can transform into a sleek, aerodynamic car capable of reaching a maximum speed of 160 miles per hour, with a range of 1200 miles. In Autobot mode, he uses a twin mortar launcher capable of firing its highly-combustible firebombs a distance of 3000 yards. In Decepticon mode, he wields a photon cannon, which emits a high-density stream of circuit-scrambling energy, destroying enemies from the inside out. In order to maintain Punch's cover, all Autobots are fitted with a damper device that reduces the cannon's effect but produces enough fireworks to convince the Decepticons that they have been destroyed. All the Autobots have to do is remember to fall down!

Weaknesses: All of Punch's weaknesses stem from the mental split between him and his alter ego, Counterpunch. He is in constant danger of slipping too fully into his Decepticon role and turning on his Autobot comrades. Should this ever happen, the Autobots would have little option but to stop him. Whether they could do this without harming him remains to be seen. All that is held in check as Punch finds savage release as Counterpunch.

Profile published in: TRANSFORMERS # 71

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