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The Transformers Comic Book Index - Finland

The Finnish Transformers comic book was published between 1987 and 1991 by Kustannus Oy Semic. The series was comprised almost entirely of American stories (issues 13-16, 19-75, Transformers the Movie 1-3, G.I. Joe and the Transformers 1-4, Headmasters 1-4) with the addition of two UK stories.
The only issue published in 1987 was the adaptation of Transformers The Movie, but in 1988-1991 there were six issues a year, starting from US issue 26. In addition to the regular run five specials were published - two of them in 1988, based on American mini-series, and three in 1989, based on earlier issues of the US edition.

In addition to the Transformers comics, the G.I. Joe prologue to Generation 2 (issues 139-142) was published in the Finnish edition of the Action Force comic book. On the readers' page it was said that Transformers would return to Finland, but the G2 comics were never actually published.

My feelings towards Semic are... ambivalent. On one hand the editorial staff seemed to put effort in their work and they did a good job translating. We didn't get things like "Bedragare" (the Swedish word for Decepticons) for example ;). But on the other hand they started the series from issue 26, skipped issues without explanation, didn't finish the series, etc.
Some of these decisions were made because at least part of the series was printed together with various other European countries Norway, Sweden(?), Netherlands and possibly others.

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