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The Transformers Comic Book Index - Sweden

After Dreamwave Productions' Transformers comics became a success in North America in 2002, the Swedish publisher Full Stop Media and Norwegian publisher Bladkompaniet decided to make a joint attempt to publish Transformers in Sweden and Norway again. The Finnish division of Egmont also joined the cooperation soon afterwards.

The Swedish comics had 48 pages per issue, and a poster in the first 3 issues. Each issue consisted of two American books - in the six first issue the mini-series Transformers Generation 1 was published together with the ongoing Transformers Armada series, and after the former had concluded it was succeeded in issue 7/2003 by the mini-seriesThe War Within.

Unfortunately the comic book didn't succeed in attracting a sufficient number of readers, and in October Full Stop Media decided to terminate the series immediately after issue 9/2003. Their Norwegian partner Bladkompaniet had already cancelled the Norwegian edition with issue 8/2003, and as a direct result of their neighbours' decision Egmont Kustannus discontinued the Finnish edition already the same day.
The decision to cancel the book was so quick that there was no possibility to announce the cancellation in the last issue; instead there was a statement that the next issue would go on sale on December 9 - an issue that now never went to print.

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