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In 2003 both Dreamwave Productions, license holder of The Transformers, and Devil's Due, license holder of G.I. Joe, published one crossover each between the two properties.
Both crossovers were in the form of six-issue mini-series, and both crossovers told a story set in an alternative continuity where it was Cobra who discovered the Transformers and rebuilt them with Earthen vehicle forms, with G.I. Joe being formed to counter the robotic threat. Dreamwave's version moved the Transformers and the two human teams to 1939, while Devil's Due moved the teams twenty years into the future, to our present. With Cobra now choosing vehicle modes for the Autobots and the Decepticons, almost all Transformers are rebuilt into Cobra military vehicles.

Both crossovers got a sequel in 2004. This time Devil's Due's mini-series spread several Transformers over various periods in time, like the 1930's and the future, with the Joes following them trying to retrieve them to the present. Yet another sequel was published by Devil's Due in 2006.

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