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The Transformers Comic Book Index - Sweden

The Swedish edition of the Transformers comic book was published between 1987 and 1991 by Atlantic Förlags AB. It was based mainly on Marvel Comics' American publication of Transformers.

Atlantic begun with seven issues in the first year, but already in 1988 the rate was increased to one issue per month. Since one Swedish issue usually consisted of two American issues, this meant that Atlantic caught up with the American publication quite soon. It's probably for this reason that stories from the English Transformers comic book were added from the May 1989 issue. (This caused some confusion among the readers, when some characters appeared to return from the dead without any explanation, and other characters just appeared without a proper introduction.)
But the inclusion of the English stories only delayed the problems a few months, and in 1990 Atlantic went back to publishing six issues a year.

During the five years that the comic book came out in Sweden, Atlantic published everything Marvel produced before the American Transformers book was cancelled. With that, Sweden is the only country in Scandinavia to have a complete publication of Transformers. In the other Scandinavian countries the book was cancelled prematurely, due to low sales.

An odd book in this collection is issue 1/1993, a 100-page book containing mixed reprints from earlier issues. The selection wasn't very well thought out, and for the person who had never read the original book this book must have been totally incomprehensible. Obviously the attempt to relaunch the book was unsuccessful, and issue 2/1993 never appeared in the stores.
Why Atlantic attempted to relaunch Transformers at all is unknown. If the intention was to repeat an earlier success, shouldn't they have started over from the beginning? Personally I suspect that it may have had something to do with Hasbro's launch of Transformers: Generation 2, but in that case Atlantic was too early - the new toys and the cartoon didn't appear until the next year.

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