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"Unchecked power is the true path to divinity."

Profile: Sunstorm's original manufacturing took place during a fierce period of insurgency in one of Cybertron's chief industrial sectors. As the result of a riot at a nearby power substation, quality control was disrupted along the assembly line for Sunstorm's model type, and a host of electromagnetic anomalies crept into his individual design. These anomalies produce a continual cascading effect in Sunstorm's primary fusion reactor, allowing it to operate at power levels that are far greater - and far more hazardous - than those of his fellow Decepticons. Consequently, Sunstorm is engaged in a near-constant struggle to control the energy emissions that radiate from his superstructure, lest they cause severe damage to the systems of those around him.

Sunstorm's unique condition has bred in him a zealous belief that his strength and abilities derive from some mystical source, and that the potential immensity of his power is indicative of some supernatural endowment. He will often make rambling statements that appear to his fellow Decepticons as nothing more than senseless babble, but the truth to these outbursts is far more disconcerting: Sunstorm is nearly convinced that he is in fact a living god!

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Sunstorm's top atmospheric speed is just under Mach 2.0, though he is capable of reaching interstellar velocities well in excess of 15,000 kilometers per hour. In truth, he is capable of space travel at speeds that are virtually immeasurable, based on the untested capacity of his power core. He wields two mass driver cannons in robot mode which fire high-speed projectiles capable of punching though most types of advanced Cybertronian armor. In jet mode, he is armed with two heat-seeking missile launchers. When Sunstorm is able to maintain full control of his reactor core, he is capable of using it to generate incredibly powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiation.

Weaknesses: Sunstorm's peculiar habits, in addition to the deleterious effects that he is capable of causing teammates by his sheer presence, frequently causes him to be excluded from official missions. In jet mode, he rarely employs his own heat-seeking missiles - on the occasion his target evades their reach, the missiles are liable to turn back and target his own substantial heat signature!

Profile published in: Official Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine # 1
Marvel TFU-style illustrations created by: Lars Eriksson.

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