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Episode List

Season 1
#   Episode name Writer First broadcast
1 Beast Wars, part 1 Bob Forward 1996-Apr-21
2 Beast Wars, part 2 Bob Forward 1996-Apr-21
3 The Web Larry DiTillio 1996-Aug-17 (in Canada)
4 Equal Measures Greg Johnson 1996-Aug-26 (in Canada)
5 Chain of Command Jesse Winfield 1996-Sep-02 (in Canada)
6 Power Surge Jesse Winfield 1996-Sep-09 (in Canada)
7 Fallen Comrades Bob Forward 1996-Sep-16 (in Canada)
8 Double Jeopardy Jesse Winfield 1996-Sep-23 (in Canada)
9 A Better Mousetrap Karen Willson and Chris Weber 1996-Sep-30 (in Canada)
10 Gorilla Warfare Greg Johnson 1996-Oct-07 (in Canada)
11 The Probe Craig Miller and Marv Wolfman 1996-Oct-14 (in Canada)
12 Victory Wendy Reardon 1996-Oct-21 (in Canada)
13 Dark Designs Ian Weir 1996-Oct-28 (in Canada)
14 Double Dinobot Rowby Goren 1996-Nov-04 (in Canada)
15 The Spark Larry DiTillio 1996-Nov-11
16 The Trigger, part 1 Bob Forward 1996-Nov-18
17 The Trigger, part 2 Bob Forward 1996-Nov-19
18 Spider's Game Larry DiTillio 1997-Jan-01 (in Canada)
19 Call of the Wild Bob Forward 1996-Dec-30 (in Canada)
20 Dark Voyage Samuel Warren 1997-Jan-04 (in Canada)
21 Possession Ian Weir 1997-Jan-28 (in Canada)
22 The Low Road Bob Forward 1997-Feb-04 (in Canada)
23 Law of the Jungle Mark Leiren-Young 1997-Feb-11 (in Canada)
24 Before the Storm Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward 1997-Feb-18 (in Canada)
25 Other Voices, part 1 Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward 1997-Mar-17 (in Canada)
26 Other Voices, part 2 Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward 1997-Mar-24 (in Canada)
Season 2
# Episode name Writer First broadcast
27 Aftermath Larry DiTillio 1997-Oct-25
28 Coming of the Fuzors, part 1 Bob Forward 1997-Nov-01
29 Coming of the Fuzors, part 2 Bob Forward 1997-Nov-08
30 Tangled Web Len Wein 1997-Nov-15
31 Maximal, No More Patrick Barry 1997-Nov-22
32 Other Visits, part 1 Larry DiTillio 1998-Feb-04 (in Canada)
33 Other Visits, part 2 Larry DiTillio 1998-Feb-11 (in Canada)
34 Bad Spark Greg Johnson 1998-Feb-18 (in Canada)
35 Code of Hero Ian Weir 1998-Feb-28 (in Canada)
36 Transmutate Christy Marx 1998-Mar-07 (in Canada)
37 The Agenda, part 1 Bob Forward 1998-Mar-11
38 The Agenda, part 2 Bob Forward 1998-Mar-12
39 The Agenda, part 3 Bob Forward 1998-Mar-13
Season 3
# Episode name Writer First broadcast
40 Optimal Situation Bob Forward 1998-Oct-24
41 Deep Metal Larry DiTillio 1998-Oct-31
42 Changing of the Guard Evan Sommers 1998-Nov-07
43 Cutting Edge Ian Weir 1998-Nov-14
44 Feral Scream, part 1 Greg Johnson 1999-Jan-30
45 Feral Scream, part 2 Jules Dennis 1999-Feb-06
46 Proving Grounds Arthur Sellers 1999-Feb-13
47 Go with the Flow Bob Forward 1999-Feb-18
48 Crossing the Rubicon D.C. Fontana 1999-Feb-22
49 Master Blaster Eric Torin 1999-Mar-15
50 Other Victories Larry DiTillio 1999-Apr-14 (in Canada)
51 Nemesis, part 1 Bob Forward 1999-Apr-21 (in Canada)
52 Nemesis, part 2 Simon Furman 1999-Apr-28 (in Canada)

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