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Cast List


Character Actor/Actress
Airazor Pauline Newstone
Blackarachnia Venus Terzo
Cheetor Ian Corlett
Depth Charge David Sobolov
Dinobot Scott McNeil
Optimus Primal Gary Chalk
Rattrap Scott McNeil
Rhinox Richard Newman
Sentinel (Maximal Ship Defence System) Ian Corlett
Silverbolt Scott McNeil
Tigatron Blu Mankuma
Tigerhawk Blu Mankuma


Character Actor/Actress
Blackarachnia Venus Terzo
Dinobot Scott McNeil
Inferno Jim Byrnes
Megatron David Kaye
Predacon Ship Computer Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
Quickstrike Colin Murdock
Rampage Campbell Lane
Ravage Lee Tockar
Scorponok Donald Brown
Tarantulas Alec Willows
Terrorsaur Doug Parker
Waspinator Scott McNeil

Other characters

Character Actor/Actress
Jack Unknown
Megatron (original) Blu Mankuma
Proto-Humans Gary Chalk
Starscream Doug Parker
Transmutate Susan Blu
Una Susan Blu
Unicron Blu Mankuma
Vok (purple-eyed) Blu Mankuma
Vok (yellow-eyed) Richard Newman

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