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Transformers fonts
Here are some Transformers truetype fonts that you can install and use on your PC (Windows) or Macintosh.
The fonts below are not mine, but were found on websites offering free fonts.
SF Transrobotics

Download Windows version
Download Macintosh version

The regular Transformers font, made for Windows and Macintosh by ShyFonts.

This package includes 8 versions - Extended, Bold, Italic, and combinations thereof. It has all the Scandinavian characters, plus the Autobot and Decepticon insignias (in place of < and > ).

Revue BT Download Windows version
No Macintosh version available.
Basically the same font that Hasbro uses for the Robots in Disguise logotype. This version includes all the Scandinavian characters.
Found at Fontes Grátis.

Short instructions:
  • 1) Right-click (CTRL-click on Macintosh) on the link and choose "Save as..." to download the font/font package.
  • 2) Unpackage the file if necessary - in Windows, use WinZip (available here); on Macintosh, use Stuffit Expander (available here).
  • 3) In Windows, open the Control Panel (click on the Start button, and select Preferences) and double-click on Fonts. In the Fonts window, select "Install new fonts..." from the File menu, and select the font you want to install.
    On Macintosh, drop the font file on your System folder - this should automatically put the font in the right folder if I remember MacOS correctly. :-)

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