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Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Headmaster Horrorcon
Human component: Spasma
Function: Saboteur

"Obnoxiousness is not a problem, it is an art."

Thoroughly obnoxious - pounds loudly on his chest plates, insults everyone he talks to, knocks over anyone in his way, never changes his lubricant so he smells like a grease-encrusted turboworm, and spits fuel in public. Binary-bonded to the nervous, insecure Nebulan Spasma. In jet mode, maximum speed: 3250 mph, emits powerful jamming frequencies. In ape mode, has super-ability. In robot mode, carries electro-shield and semi-automatic sonic boomer gun.


Footnote: Apeface's official Tech Specs ratings (shown above) are actually duplicated from Snapdragon's Tech Specs. Apeface's built-in Tech Specs Meter indicates that he should actually have a Strength rating of 9, an Intelligence of 5, and a Speed of 7 though, and it's quite possible that the rest of the stats should be different as well. I hope to get hold of Apeface's Japanese Tech Specs or some other Japanese texts some day to see if those happen to have his correct stats.

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