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Teaser trailer

The images on this page are taken from the first teaser trailer, available at the official Transformers movie website,

The teaser trailer was published on the official Transformers movie website on June 29. It is set on Mars, but according to director Michael Bay none of the content in the teaser trailer will actually be used in the film, and no parts of the film will take place on Mars. The teaser trailer will be shown in North American theatres starting July 7. Will it be shown in Scandinavian theatres too? We don't know at the moment, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be shown eventually.

Rocket launch pad Control centre

The trailer starts with archive footage from the launch of a rocket, supposedly carrying the Beagle 2 Mars exploration spacecraft.

Caption: "In 2003, the Beagle 2 Mars rover was launched"

Space probe entering Mars' atmosphere Space probe entering Mars' atmosphere

We switch to a computer animated sequence depicting the Beagle 2's approach to Mars.

Caption: "We were told it crashed"

Mars rover ready to explore Mars rover crossing Mars' terrain

Shots of a Mars rover rolling off a platform, and out into the Martian desert to start its exploring mission.

Caption: "It's final transmission was classified Top secret"

Robot silhouette Distorted images as the rover is attacked

Suddenly a shadow appears and we hear something heavy approach. Something attacks the Mars rover and destroys it.

Caption: "It was the only warning we would ever get"

Transforming logotype Transformers logotype

The Transformers logo appears, before transforming into the numbers "7.4.7" and then into the Autobot logotype.

View the trailer in its entirety at, or click here for some real-life background on the lost Beagle 2 exploration spacecraft.

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