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Transformers 25 years

Winners in the Transformers 25th anniversary competition

1st prize - five Transformers: Universe figures2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the Transformers brand, and to celebrate this the Nordic TransFans Association arranged a competition for all Transformers fans in the Nordic countries, with prizes kindly donated by Hasbro Nordic!


  • 1st prize: Henric Joneskär, Sweden (Universe Onslaught, Universe Heavy Load, Universe Acid Storm, Universe Prowl, and Universe Sunstreaker)
  • 2nd prize: Petri Särkelä, Finland (Universe Powerglide, Universe Blaster, Universe Sunstreaker, and Universe Tankor)
  • 3rd prize: Knut Ingar Nyseth, Norway (Universe Heavy Load, Universe Sunstreaker, and Universe Prowl)
  • 4th prize: Harri Jokinen, Finland (Universe Prowl and Universe Tankor)
  • 5th prize: Anton Lindholm, Finland (Universe Acid Storm)
  • 6th prize: Kristian Høvik, Norway (Universe Acid Storm)
  • 7th prize: Filip J Hansen, Norway (Universe Acid Storm)
  • 8th prize: Jimmy Rosenquist, Sweden (Universe Acid Storm)
  • 9th prize: Petteri Jokinen, Finland (Universe Acid Storm)
  • 10th prize: Kristofer Holmqvist, Sweden (Universe Acid Storm)

Congratulations! We aim to start sending out the prices at the end of March.

Correct answers:

  • Question 1: Which of the following Autobots (original series) is not primarily red?

    Answer: b. Hound (the two other choices were Inferno and Sideswipe)

  • Question 2: In the original series, which faction have flight capabilities in robot mode?

    Answer: b. Decepticons (a somewhat treacherous question; while some Autobots were shown flying in More Than Meets The Eye and a few season 3 episodes, these are exceptions from the large majority of the episodes. The Decepticons were consistently depicted as having flight capability in robot mode though. The Mini-Cons were naturally not part of the original series.)

  • Question 3: What is the name of Spike's female friend that appears in several episodes of the original cartoon?

    Answer: c. Carly (the other two choices were Carrie and Cindy)

  • Question 4: Which popular Autobot in seasons 3 and 4 of the original cartoon did not have a toy representation?

    Answer: a. Arcee (Kranix was neither an Autobot nor featured in the cartoon, only in the animated movie. Sandstorm did have a toy.)

  • Question 5: Which voice actor did the voices for Ultra Magnus, Astrotrain and Ramjet in the original cartoon?

    Answer: b. Jack Angel (the other two choices were Corey Burton and Frank Welker)

  • Question 6: Many Transformers toys share the same basic toy design. Two Autobots (original series) had their appearance heavily altered when the toy design was adapted for the cartoon and comic books. The alteration included the addition of an actual head. Which Autobot duo are we thinking of?

    Answer: a. Ratchet and Ironhide (the other two choices were Grapple and Inferno, whose cartoon/comic appearances were actually quite true to their toy designs, and Twin Twist and Top Spin, who never featured in the comic or the cartoon)

  • Question 7: Which Transformers cartoon series featured such unusual figures as a penguin, a giraffe, and a mammoth?

    Answer: c. Beast Wars Neo (the other two choices were Transformers Animated and Transformers Cybertron)

The contest entries were evaluated by a jury consisting of the NTFA Forums' team of administrators (Groundsplitter, Taggenagger, BigPete, Fighbird, Osku, Palaste and Predaking). The jury's decision is final.

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