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Full version: The NTFA Store now accepts pre-orders for the June 2012 comics
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The NTFA Store is now accepting pre-orders for the June 2012 comics!

June is a decent month for Transformers comic book fans, with the continuation of the two ongoing series, with More Than Meets The Eye #6 and Transformers: Robots in Disguise #6, plus two paperbacks: More Than Meets The Eye, volume 1 and Transformers Classics UK, volume 3. The latter includes such classics as "Target: 2006", "Prey" (four of five parts published in Sweden in 1989; read the conclusion here) and "Fallen Angel".

Also, for the Nordic fans who haven't yet secured a copy of the Free Comic Book Day issue Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5, which starts off Simon Furman's and Andrew Wildman's continuation of the old Marvel Transformers series, I'm repeating last month's offer:
I have pre-ordered a limited quantity of this book, and am offering it to all Nordic customers only - you get the issue for free (limit one per customer), but I'm charging for the postage costs. Subscriptions to the upcoming series, which starts in July, are also available. (Apologies to the non-Nordic fans for the regional restriction. The books aren't actually free for retailers to order, so I have to draw the line somewhere.)

On the G.I. Joe side the line-up is more extensive. Apart from the regular titles, which include G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #179, G.I. Joe #14, Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow #14 and Cobra #14, there are three other items: the two paperbacks G.I. Joe: Cobra Command, vol. 1 and G.I. Joe: Roots of Retaliation, plus the 72-page comic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Treasury Edition.

Also available in June is the trade paperback Infestation 2, volume 1 (at this time we don't know if this volume incldes either the Transformers or the G.I. Joe stories).

The last day to pre-order these comics and collections is Tuesday 24 April 2012.
Some good news for my patient NTFA Store customers.

While my broken left hand is still bandaged (I had to undergo hand surgery twice, with the second operation being particularly taxing), the index and middle fingers regained a certain level of mobility a couple of days ago, so on Saturday I decided to see if I'm ready to start wrapping the comics that arrived back in March so I can send them out.
It's time-consuming and the wrapping looks crappy, but it works - I have packaged a bit more than half of the shipment, and hope that I can package and send out the rest as well before the post box is emptied tomorrow (Monday).

I thank you for your patience and the well-wishes that I have received.
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