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We had an incredible response to our first survey about Auto Assembly 2009 and it's allowed us to make a lot of key decisions for next year's Auto Assembly convention to help us make it the biggest and best Transformers convention EVER that Europe will ever see. Thanks to YOUR input, we can confirm that Auto Assembly 2009 will be a TWO-DAY Transformers-only convention to be held once again in Birmingham, England, this time in our new venue, the Holiday Inn right in the City Centre.

We are still working on the exact date but we have a lot of exciting plans for the weekend including not one but TWO voice actors and a packed weekend of activities with so much going on that you won't have much free time during the weekend and plenty of different acitivies and events each day. Full weekend passes will be available as well as the option to book for single days but once again, we want to make sure that the convention is tailored to fit what YOU all want. So we're running another more detailed survey...

This time we want to know exactly what you want to see during the weekend. It's your chance to influence the programme during the weekend - what the focus of the convention will be, what events and activities we will have and even the type of things you want to see from our dealers!! 2009 is the 25th Anniversary of Transformers so lets celebrate in style!

Even if you haven't attended Auto Assembly before we still want to hear your views, and we'd love to hear from those of you who live outside of the UK who are considering attending in the 25th anniversary year next year. Don't forget that EVERY vote counts in this survey!

We will be taking all of your responses into consideration in planning for next year, as well as all of the additional comments you may make and we've already had some wonderful ideas come forward and some VERY useful comments that we will be taking on board for next time so those of you who have already responded have started to shape Auto Assembly 2009!

You can find the survey here:-

The survey is only going to be open for a limited period of time as we want to confirm the date and first voice actor as soon as possible (we have one close to signing on the dotted line already!) and open bookings quickly so the closing date is Wednesday 15th October 2008.

Thanks in advance and we hope to see many of you there next year!

Simon and Sven
Auto Assembly

tel: +44 (0)7860 948296
...and done! wink2.gif
Me too - am contemplating going, unless NTFA Mini-Con 2009 ruins me... tongue.gif
Think I might try to go next year too! lol tongue.gif
done and going. with pete hopefully again
QUOTE(**BRUTICUS** @ 1 October 2008, 15:30) *
done and going. with pete hopefully again

If you can stand my snoring this time, that is wink2.gif
done, and i would be so happy to get there.. bounce1.gif i'm just not sure, is it even bossiple to me to go there.. unsure.gif
I would like to go, but I don't know if it will be possible for me.
Just to let everyone know that we've extended the deadline to 10:00 am GMT on Monday as we are still getting replies coming in and we still need some more answers to some of the questions.

Thanks everyone who has replied so far and for all your great comments and suggestions - it's really going to help us to make AA2009 into a fantastic convention.

...And i'm done!
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