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Woopie, finally bothered to look up the adress for this website in an old Armada (swedish ones).
So to, uh, celebrate I figured I could post a link to one of my fav Transformers fan-comics!
You guys may allready know about this comic, I ran a search on the forums but couldn't find anything related to the name so I figured I'd post it anyways, for fun =)
Happy reading =p
Hello, and welcome to the forums, Landale!
I briefly glanced at the Insecticomics site. Seems like some funny comics there.
Welcome to the NTFA! smile.gif I've heard of those fanfics before, but I've never read any. I'll be sure to check these out. Thanks for the link!
Hey, thanks! I'm glad to see there's a forum such as this. I usually don't like forums but what the heck.
Well, it's a pretty well done photo-comic. A great deal fun to read too, and there's lots of it =).
I read the Insecticomics regularly! happy.gif
She's good at what she's doing, the comics are both well done and funny!
I like the parodies on the fans and their fan-fictions! wink2.gif
The insecticomics are really great. Definitely worth the read thumbs.gif
I didn't know about that site before, but the comics are quite good, so it seems I will have to spend some time reading through the archives in the near future.
Thanks for the link!
I read it to 23 o´clock yesterday and is now reading more of it. Really love it. wub.gif
those Insecticomics are BEST..!! thumbs.gif i have been reading those for a while now, and boy those are funny ones.. biggrin.gif
I just found the "Ask Vector Prime" section. I must say I spent too much time reading it 8D.
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