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Full version: Transformers classics: Mirages last tale.
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So I've been spending the afternoon writing this classics fanfic on how the Autobots nearly deafeats the Decepticons and therefore ends the war, but they're interupted by something that defeats them all, leaving a badly damaged Mirage as the only survivor.
I quickly realized that the story was to complikated to remain in text and badabing!

Direct link

Oh, and aparantly something happened to the Mirages audio when I removed some "missljud" as it seems that some lower phrases has been cut off.
Oh (again) Mirage is supposed to sound like that. If you'd been beaten upp by something like that, you'd probably have a hard time finding your words too tongue.gif

I didn't want to put this in the Youtube thread cause I had a feeling that it'd someway just get lost in the masses innocent.gif
I was gonna ask you who that badass toy that beat up all the transformers were; but watching the end credits I saw..this toy is unfamiliar to me,looks cool though...anyways,I think you made a good story, I got some sad vibes from it...poor Mirage...
Loved the sound effect when he was hurled towards the ``wall`` sounded very G1 cartoon-ish biggrin.gif

Well done wink2.gif
QUOTE(Tformer @ 15 June 2007, 22:36) *
I removed some "missljud"

Missljud = "jarring sound", or "dissonance" when talking about music. (Or possibly "cat sound", when intentionally misinterpreted. smile.gif )
QUOTE(Groundsplitter @ 16 June 2007, 11:41) *
QUOTE(Tformer @ 15 June 2007, 22:36) *
I removed some "missljud"

Missljud = "jarring sound",

That's the phrase I was looking for tongue.gif
How did you do the voice?
QUOTE(Soundblaster @ 16 June 2007, 17:31) *
How did you do the voice?

Well I got a cheapish headset at school and hooked it upp to the free software audacity.

I recorded the monologue with audacity and added a 0,02 second echo.
Ok i thought you used a voice changer or something.
Well thanks for the info.
Nicely done!
wow wow2.gif pretty good one.. smile.gif i think i should look at it again.. happy.gif
Great fanfic-video! Love it. happy.gif In some places it was a little hard to hear what you said, but otherwise it was great.

"Hey! You forgot to mention me!" [Also starring: Classics Starscream as Starscream] "Thank you." XD
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